Top 9 Aussie’s Movie Stars

January 6, 2014

1. Hugh Jackman


He is the main character in the The Prestige. He was born in the city of Sidney and is the last in a family of five siblings. He is a professional journalist but abandoned that to follow his true calling in acting.

2. Russell Crowe


If you have seen some of his work, then you for sure love him. Popularly known for his role in the Gladiator, Crowe has a passion for acting, something that he started in childhood. Though born in New Zealand, the star has established Australia as his homeland.

3. Heath Ledger


He is undeniably a true hunk and acting is his life. He acted The Dark Knight, which has earned him a reputation at just 20 years. The start if his big story began in 1999 when his talent came to the notice of the public.

4. Guy Pearce


He has received a wide acclamation for his role in the movie Memento. Guy was born in 1967 of a Chief test Pilot father. He has been doing quite well for himself and his recognition as a talented personality is not misplaced.

5. John Noble


He is known for the highly profiled The Lords of the Rings as well as The Return of the King. His other achievements include being the head of drama of Brent St. School of Arts. From 1977-87, he was the artistic director of Stage Company in South Australia.

6. Mel Gibson


He starred in the Braveheart that was the talk of the town immediately it was received. He is the sixth in Hutton Gibson’s and Ann Gibson’s family of 11. His massive energies in acting have been of significance in his rise to fame.

7. Nicole Kidman


She is elegant, beautiful and an outstanding actress. She is the actress of Moulin Rouge. This is the movie that made her popular and she has done lots of wonderful stuff before and after the release of the movie.

8. Naomi Watts


Acting is what she does best and this is seen in the movie King Kong in which she features. She had to coax her mother to allow her take acting classes just at the tender age of 7. The fruits of her determination are now being seen with the superb roles she plays in many films.

9. Hugo Weaving


He featured in the Matrix. He was born on April 4, 1960 and he is the second born in a family of three siblings. His true roots can be traced back to Nigeria, but ever since he was young, he has made Australia his home. His star in acting also started shining when he was still young.