Top 8 Split Love Tales of Australian Celebrities

January 13, 2014

Depression, separation and then happy ending leads to a perfect climax in any romantic movie. In real life, you remain speechless when you bid adieu to your long but bitter relationships. This seems to be a common event in celebrities’ lives.

Let’s eye some split love tales of Australian celebrities.

1. Nicole Kidman


The bold and the beautiful, Nicole Kidman’s lips remain tight about her past love and nuptial relationship with actor Tom Cruise. They met on the set of their movie, Days of Thunder.In 1990, they got married on the precious eve of Christmas.

Their split news aired in 2001. Prior to her relationship with Tom, Kidman was dating the Australian stage actor Marcus Graham. In addition, there are many such names who came into the life of this Oscar winning celebrity. In 2006, Nicole married the Australian singer Keith Urban.

2. Russel Crowe


The Oscar winning Gladiator actor, Russell Crowe, had many pretties in his life. Some of them are Erica Baxter, Meg Ryan, and Hollywood beauty Heather Graham.

His romance rumor with Nicole Kidman also shaped many breaking news captions. Crowe was involved in a deep relationship with Australian singer Danielle Spencer.

At the age of 39, Crowe married Spencer. Reports say they got separated in 2012 and Crowe was desperate to go on his way. Since then, Russell has kept his love tales way out of the limelight.

3. Rose Byrne


The beautiful and gorgeous Australian actress, Rose Byrne, couldn’t leave her relationship with a rosy note. After nine long years of marriage, Rose and actor Jenny Lumet finally said ‘NO’ in 2003.

She has also dated Aussie actor Brendan Cowell for six long years. However, the magic didn’t work for them and they split.

Rose Byrne was also involved with Australian writer/director Gregor Jordan. In 2012, Rose started dating actor Bobby Cannavale.

4. Naomi Watts


The Flirting star, Naomi Watts, shaped her life with multiple tales of love.

This Australian actress was in relationships with many renowned celebrities like actor Heath Ledger, director Stephen Hopkins and Daniel Kirby. To give her love tale an eternal outcome, Naomi finally gave her heart to co-star Live Schreiber.

5. Anna Torv


One of the leading Australian TV celebrities, Anna Torv is known for her stunning role as an FBI agent in Fringe. Winner of multiple TV actress awards, Anna married her co-star Mark Valley. Mark is a renowned US TV and film actor.

Torv’s married life lasted from 2008 to 2009. The buzz is that Anna was spotted with her new boyfriend. According to a report, she is expecting a child.

6. Teresa Palmer


The 27 year old Australian actress had a brief relationship with her co-star Russell Brand. In addition, she was also spotted dating actor/director Mark Webber.

In August 2013, they got engaged. It took them only four months to tie the knot and they got married on 21st December 2013. Before marrying Palmer, Mark had a relationship with actress Frankie Shaw.

7. Miranda Kerr

Dosso Dossi Fashion Show 2014

Miranda is one of the leading, beautiful and sizzling Australian models. The winner of the Impulse Model Competition started dating finance broker Adrian Camilleri.

However, the relationship did not last long as Adrian was found guilty of several deceptive acts. Earlier, Kerr dated the lead singer of a band called Tamarama.

Her four year long relationship with Jay Lyon came to an end in 2007. After that, Kerr started dating British actor Orlando Bloom. They got married in 2010.

8. Rebecca Gibney


Australian actress Rebecca Gibney is known for her leading role in Packed to the Rafters. The model turned actress won several awards featuring AFI Award, FCCA Award, Silver Logie and Gold Logie.

Apart from her acting potentials, Rebecca’s personal life gained good attention of critics and followers. She first married singer Irwin Thomas in 1992. They got separated and Rebecca married production designer Richard Bell.