Top 8 Celebrity Baby Births Of 2013

January 9, 2014

There were a lot of celebrity births in 2013, but let’s take a look back at the ones that top the list.

1. Prince George


This adorable little addition to the royal family was one of the most anticipated births this year, with people flocking to the hospital for updates.

Not only is he adorable to look at, he can really rock a dress.

2. North West


When your parents are as gorgeous and confident as Kim and Kanye, then the apple cannot fall far from the tree.

Little North West will surely be a ‘babe’ to look out for in the future, not to mention, he will probably be excessively talented in multiple fields.

3. Everly Tatum


Whether she gets her father’s smoldering eyes, or her mother’s adorable nose, this little girls gene pool is sure to work in her favor.

This is Channing and Jenna’s first child after their relationship began on the set of ‘Step Up’ in 2006.

4. Ace Johnson


Jessica Simpsons little man is all about the cheeks and no one can seem to get enough of them.

This is Jessica’s first child since her marriage to Eric Johnson and the couple are very protective about shielding their child from public view, making the few glimpses we have gotten all the more precious.

5. Milan Pique


The vivacious Shakira had a baby with equally gorgeous Gerard Pique and they produced perfection.

This little man has had our hearts captured since we first saw pictures of him rocking a typical Shakira hairstyle, posing as a testament to his mother’s unforgettable signature style.

6. Winnie Falon


This is comedian Jimmy Falon’s bundle of joy, who he seems to enjoy to the max.

The proud father often posts pictures of his little girl wearing creative outfits, which pull at our heartstrings.

It’s nice to know that the daughter is following in her father’s footsteps and getting an early start on her career as a comedian.

7. Axl Duhamel


Fergie and Josh are celebrating their first Christmas this year with their new son, complete with antler head gear, making everyone love this little guy all the more.

This is the couple’s first child and they are often spotted parading him around town, getting in touch with the local scene from an early stage.

8. Rocco Faison


This little one is a chip of the old block, with the same twinkle in his eye, which makes us adore Donald Faison.

Both father and son share almost identical features, which his wife does not seem to mind as her twitter wall suggests.

She recently posted pictures of her baby alongside Donald’s childhood pictures to confirm our suspicions.