Top 7 Shane’s : Interesting Infotainment of Aussie all-rounder

January 17, 2014

Watto’s iconic hair style

Shane Watson

Just like his sky-kissing hits, Shane Watson is also famed for his funky hairstyles. Be it a golden spiky shade, free flowing sparkling hair or short cut, his hairstyle is always applauded by his fans and cricket mates.

People go crazy to give their hair a Watto look, never mind changing their hairstyle frequently. This shows the trend of taste this wonderful cricketer actually has.

Subject that Shane loved the most during his school days

The Ashes 2013-14

His athletic physique may answer your question just right. Shane always believed in sustaining a good health for a long career. This is why he was a keen reader of health and physical education books during his school days. This influences many young cricketers today who find that studying these books is quite effective for them.

Pets that gives him good company

Shane Watson

The Austrian cricket celeb loves to spend funny moments with his Schnauzer Maltese dogs.

Playing a musical instrument is his ardor

The Ashes 2013-14

If you catch Watson trying his hands on a guitar, then don’t be astonished. It’s been seven long years that Shane is playing with the chords of a guitar. He finds this an exciting way to stimulate his performance. At the same time, he can also space his passion for music.

Signature dish

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The right-armed Australian quicker has a fascination for roasted chicken. In addition, Gourmet Pizzas are also among his preferred food items.

TV commercials


Shane Watson is also seen playing a pivotal role in the IPL series. During his IPL contracts, he was featured on television commercials where he was promoting a soft drink brand (Mountain Dew) with his Rajasthan Royal mates. The prime theme of that commercial was Dew or Die, which means challenging the opposition during an IPL encounter.

Room to Read

Australia Batsman Rickey Ponting and Shane Watson

Shane has been an inspirational sport personality for advocating literacy and gender equality in the academic arena. He is associated with a non-profit organization called Room to Read. It conveys an effective message to many children fighting such serious issues. In addition, Shane is also associated with the McGrath Foundation.