Top 30 Female Celebs Over 45 With Amazing Bikini Bodies

March 18, 2014

The following women may have hit their forties, but they aren’t showing their age! These celebrities look amazing and they have the bikini-bodies to prove it! Whether they are walking the red carpet or lounging on the beach, these ladies are looking hotter than ever and aren’t afraid to flaunt their gorgeous bodies.

1. Julianne Moore (53)


This gorgeous red-head continues to wow the world with her beauty. Whether she’s photographed in a bathing suit or gown, she exudes grace. This Hollywood beauty hails from North Carolina and continues to be one of that state’s prettiest southern belles! This celebrated actress may be one of the best-known redheads this side of Lucille Ball!

2. Monica Bellucci (49)


The ever-beautiful Monica Bellucci is simply stunning no matter what she wears. Often described as one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Bellucci may have gotten her start as a model, but she has made an incredible name for herself as an actress. There probably isn’t a bikini beautiful enough to rival her great looks, but any one of them is improved with her in it!

3. Jane Seymour (62)


What can you say? This gorgeous woman still has a young woman’s figure as evidence by her bikini-clad magazine cover. Seymour is aging as gracefully a woman can and her photographs prove it. Moreover, she’s always smiling and, her great body aside, that smile continues to be one of this former Bond-girl’s best features.

4. Halle Berry (47)


This beauty is one of Hollywood’s highest paying actresses because she’s a great actress and she looks so good that audiences flock just to check her out! Berry looks gorgeous in a bikini or any other garment she wears. Married to the extraordinarily handsome Olivier Martinez, Berry is likely to continue turning heads for decades to come!

5. Julia Roberts (46)


The original ‘Pretty Woman’ is just as pretty as ever. Her warm smile and brilliant eyes are the icing on the cake when she decides to put on a swimsuit and show the world what she’s still got in spades! Roberts’ legendary good looks are just a side note to her stunning acting career. At forty-six, this mother of three is as breathtaking as ever.

6. Naomi Watts (45)


This blue-eyed, blond-haired woman is outrageously good-looking and showing no signs of aging whatsoever! Her terrific body is living proof that middle age is stunning. Photographs of the actress only reveal her undiminished good looks and perfect figure. If you haven’t caught her recent films, check them out to see how captivating she remains.

7. Salma Hayek (47)


Salma Hayek’s personality and irrepressible charm endear her to everyone so in one sense it doesn’t matter what she looks like in a bathing suit. Yet when she dons one – ooh la la; Hayek is the same bombshell as ever and her beauty simply grows. This Mexico-born actress is surely one of the nation’s loveliest enchantresses!

8. Diane Lane (49)


Diane Lane has enjoyed a most long and illustrious Hollywood career. Some may remember her performance as ‘Cherry’ from The Outsiders, yet she caught the whole world’s attention in Unfaithful! Her body is as fit as ever and her acting has continued to mesmerize theatre-goers. What can one say except that Cherry still has it going on!

9. Heather Locklear (52)


It’s so unfair because this fifty-two year-old looks so incredibly good! Why won’t Heather Locklear age? The fact is she is still as jaw-dropping in a bikini as ever. Her beauty fairly glows and she radiates with those great smiles she is so famed for. This actress is a stunner and continues to wow anyone who catches a glimpse.

10. Robin Wright (47)


Beautiful Robin Wright is a lovely reason for a bikini to exist. She continues to be a head-turner no matter what she chooses to wear. The celebrated actress is the mother of two and looks as captivating in a bathing suit as ever. Forest Gump’s “Jenny,” is still the beauty she ever was!

11. Demi Moore (51)


She’s going to make best-of bikini lists for the rest of her life, isn’t she? This hot lady and her hot body are ageless. Three kids are a piece of cake for this knock-out; her figure is as beguiling as it ever was. The photographs reveal the truth! Check them out!

12. Cindy Crawford (48)


The definition of supermodel is Cindy Crawford and her beauty has not diminished with time. At one point you couldn’t find a magazine without her in it or, more likely, on its cover. The hottest thing going is still hot in a bikini. This amazing beauty is still a splendid vision to behold.

13. Nicole Kidman (46)


Nicole Kidman, the ever-lovely, is gorgeous woman and it would be impossible to guess her age if you didn’t know it. Her acting career is, indeed, illustrious, but her captivating good looks are something to remember. Bikini or gown, she looks radiant in anything she wears.

14. Sandra Bullock (49)


Bullock shines so radiantly in any outfit, but she can wear any bathing suit she wants. Her great body is showing no sign of slowing down. Starring in the recent Academy-Award winning film Gravity, Bullock is an actress to reckon with as many an actor would like to try out! Her beauty only increases with age.

15. Lucy Liu (45)


This beauty is too outrageous in a bikini! She is simply breathtaking as photographs attest. He grace, poise, and beauty are certainly known throughout Hollywood, but her age is merely a number, and one that seems to have no impact on her enchanting looks. Her natural beauty is merely enhanced with each passing day.

16. Kristen Davis (49)


This Sex and the City star is rocking the bikini in a big way! Few can believe she’s on the cusp of fifty, but she’ll make fifty look like the new thirty! What’s her secret? Everyone wants to know how Davis has managed to keep her figure so slim and her beauty so well intact, but whatever that secret may be – it’s working!

17. Angela Bassett (55)


Whoa – this woman is downright gorgeous as any swimsuit will attest! This Harlem-born beauty is aging so perfectly gracefully that she rivals anyone half her age for beauty. Her incredible good looks have only served to complement her acting achievements. This lovely lady is proof that age is no big thing!

18. Stephanie Seymour (45)


Still sizzling, this siren is the mother of four and wife to a veritable billionaire. The former super model may have once beguiled rock stars, but she’s still attracting the world with her stunning figure which looks as fine as ever in any bikini under the sun.

19. Elizabeth Hurley (48)


This beauty is a number in any bikini. This actress and model continues to shine as one of the most beautiful women in the world. The lovely lady is forever making fashion headlines for her stunning good looks and designer duds. She may be aging, but she doesn’t look like it!

20. Michelle Pfeiffer (55)


The ever-beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer is utterly dazzling. She made her film debut back in 1980 and has continued to wow the world with her beauty ever since. Her acting career is just as impressive as her continued good looks! She’s perfectly graceful in anything she wears, but heads turn when she sports a bikini!

21. Courteney Cox (49)


Aging gracefully, Courteney Cox has the body to prove it! She has a spectacular figure and is never afraid to flaunt it in bikinis. Her continued perfection may be astounding, but it is a pleasure to see. Who knew that this Friends star would continue to be so beautiful decades after we first got to love her?

22. Pam Anderson (46)


Pam Anderson can still rock her Baywatch swimsuit like nobody else. The Canada-born bombshell is a stunner when she hits the beach no matter what she puts on. This mother of two and former wife of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is a vision and age isn’t diminishing that incredible body she’s world famous for!

23. Shania Twain (48)


Twain continues to look as breathtaking as she ever did. Her outstanding good looks and lovely voice are such a captivating combination. Twain can truly shine in any garment, but no list of bikini beauties can be complete without her. She may be the ‘Queen of Country Pop,’ but she’s also the queen of the swimsuit too!

24. Christy Brinkley (60)


If this is the face of sixty, age is certainly no big deal! Brinkley is aging so incredibly well that it’s really tough to believe her age. Like Seymour, Brinkley has weathered time as if by magic. She looks beautiful in any type of clothing but swimsuits continue to be no issue for her graceful figure.

25. Marisa Tomei (49)


It’s hard to believe that Marisa Tomei is nearing fifty because she looks so youthful! Her beauty is apparently timeless. Bikinis are no problem for this stunning beauty. Her effortless good looks make her one of the loveliest Hollywood stars today.

26. Lauren Graham (46)


Graham is just as breathtaking now as when we first got to know her on “Gilmore Girls” as Lorelei. She is simply stunning as photographs prove with every flash of her smile. She can wear a bikini or anything else she likes because she’s got a fabulous figure that is undiminished with time.

27. Kris Jenner (58)


The mother of the Kardashian clan, this woman was recently photographed in a blue bikini that must have fairly melted with hotness when it was published. A smoking beauty, Kris Jenner is not letting age hold her back from looking her best. She may be the mother of beautiful women, but they certainly got their sultry good looks from their mama!

28. Marcia Cross (51)


Famous for her role as a vixen on “Melrose Place,” this beautiful woman may be best known for her role on “Desperate Housewives.” There is nothing desperate about her beautiful bikini-clad figure, however, and she continues to age impeccably. The screen is always the better for having her on it as anyone can see when they check her out!

29. Famke Janssen (48)


This beauty hails from the Netherlands and continues to be revered for her beauty. She stunned the world as a villainous Bond girl in GoldenEye and those outrageous good looks have not diminished as any bikini could tell you. This actress has a slew of films to her credit and continues to show no signs of slowing down.

30. Vanessa Williams (50)


Looking as fine as ever at fifty, this former beauty queen is a dazzling vision when she wears a bikini or anything else. The singer/actress is also the mother of four, though who would have guessed seeing how amazing she looks. Keeping up her beautiful figure seems to be no problem for this undeniable siren.