Top 10 Cutest Couples Of The New Year

January 9, 2014

There are a ton of celebrity couples who might not be good matches for each other. However some are just too cute together. Here is our list of the top 10 cutest couples of the new year.

1. Jodi Gordon and Braith Anasta


This celebrity couple has come a long way since their ‘missing’ persons report in 2009.

After a magical Balinese wedding last year, they seem to have settled very comfortably into marital bliss and are even expecting their first child together.

2. Jake Wall and Jennifer Hawkins


The former Ms Universe and her sweetheart have had our hearts captured for years now, with their long term relationship sealed in a lovely private wedding ceremony this summer.

The couple has been known to have their ups and downs, but their perseverance and patience with one another has made them a favourite on this list.

3. Luke Mitchell and Rebecca Breeds

CW CBS and Showtime 2013 Summer TCA Party

The ‘Home and Away’ stars have had fans rooting for their relationship from the beginning.

The couple announced their engagement in 2012 and got hitched in a low-key ceremony at the Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat in New South Wales.

4. Jessica Marais and James Stewart


This is another timeless duo that has been through their fair share of mayhem, but came out stronger at the other end.

The vivacious Jessica and her Aussie heartthrob husband now have a beautiful baby girl, who adds tons of cuteness to their appeal.

5. Shaun Hampson and Megan Gale


It took a while for fans to lose their attachment to the Megan and David dynamic, however, a year later everyone seems to have adjusted to the change.

Megan received a lot of initial backlash for her radio silence on her break up and new relationship, however, since then balance has been restored and she is back on the top ten list.

6. Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster


Relationship guru Zoe Foster and comedian Hamish Blake were a couple no one ever considered ‘destined’.

Zoe herself admits that she had known Hamish her whole life and her feelings took her completely by surprise.

Their tangible chemistry makes them one of Australia’s most beloved couples.

7. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban


After what can only be termed a tumultuous marriage with Tom Cruise, Nicole seems to have found bliss at last with the country singer and ‘American Idol’ judge, describing their marriage as ‘very, very peaceful’.

8. Guy and Jules Sebastian

11th Annual ASTRA Awards

Guy Sebastian was one of the few men left out there that still believed in ‘waiting’ for marriage and he kept that promise.

After thirteen years, the couple was engaged when Jules’ stint on American Idol ended.

9. Rachel Gilbert and Tom Williams


Rachel has been causing a stir in the fashion industry since the day she set foot in it, and it seems that she has now found someone to complete her life.

The couple has been trying for a baby since they tied the knot and they were finally blessed this year.

10. Daniel Macpherson and Zoe Ventoura


They met on the set of the Australian drama series Wild Boys and it seemed like love at first sight.

Both partners are very secretive about their private life, but their on screen chemistry says it all.