Ten Wild Facts About Chris Hemsworth: God of Thunder

March 18, 2014

Chris Hemsworth is best known for starring as “Thor” in a series of movies from Marvel Studios. There are also a wide variety of different facts that many people might not know about his career.

1. Thank you Joss Whedon

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has writer/director Joss Whedon to thank for landing his breakout role in “Thor.” Hemsworth was filming “The Cabin in the Woods” with Whedon when “Thor” was being cast. The director recommended Hemsworth for that role to Kenneth Branaugh, who was making “Thor” for Marvel Studios.

Because of the oddities of the Hollywood release schedule, “The Cabin in the Woods” would eventually hit theaters after both “Thor” and its semi-sequel “The Avengers” in 2012.

2. First movie – biggest Hollywood blockbuster ever

Hemsworth’s first role in a feature film also held the distinction of being one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of all time. He was first seen on screen by audiences all over the world in the J.J. Abrams reboot of “Star Trek” in 2009. He shed his thick Australian accent to play George Kirk, Sr. in the film’s pre-credits sequence.

3. Hemsworth + Whedon = Success

By 2015 Hemsworth will have worked with Joss Whedon five times in only six years. Whedon write and produced “The Cabin in the Woods,” wrote and directed “The Avengers” and did non credited rewrite work on both “Thor” and “Thor: The Dark World.” 2015 will see the release of the sequel to “The Avengers” titled “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

4. Participated in “Dancing with the Stars”

Chris Hemsworth

Though many people know Chris Hemsworth as a major movie star all over the world, he has also done his fair share of television work in his native country. Most famously he was in 185 episodes of “Home and Away” as Kim Hyde and was even a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2006.

5. He hit the gym hard for “Thor”

Getting cast as the title character in “Thor” for Marvel Studios was one thing – looking the part was something else entirely. Hemsworth reported that to live up to the massive expectations behind the character he had to gain over 20 pounds of muscle before filming started.

6. Projects that were on standby

Another Hemsworth vehicle suffered a similar fate to “The Cabin in the Woods.” The remake of the 1980s film “Red Dawn” for MGM was filmed before “Thor” but was shelved indefinitely due to MGM’s financial difficulties. It was later released in 2012.

7. Family of actors

Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth is the middle of three boys in his family. The other two are also actors. Luke Hemsworth is best known for his role on the Australian television series “Neighbors” and Liam Hemsworth is best known for his work in the international blockbuster series of films “The Hunger Games.”

8. Raised within Aboriginal people

Hemsworth was born in Melbourne but was raised in the Northern Territory in Bulman, which is a small community of Aboriginal people in the Australian Outback.

9. We are grateful that Hemsworth chose an acting career

Despite the fact that all three of the Hemsworth boys became actors, they do not come from a family in entertainment. Hemsworth’s mother is a teacher and his father is a counselor of social services.

10. Voice actor as well

Hemsworth also has a burgeoning career as a voice actor. He lent his voice to the 2011 video game titled “Thor: God of Thunder,” starring his character from the Marvel Studios series of films.