Ten Latest Celebrity News Facts from Tinseltown

January 13, 2014

Here’s a rundown of the latest gossip happening in Hollywood

1. Hugh Jackman


Hugh Jackman, who is known for being a giant on-screen as well as on-stage for his Broadway musical performances, disappointed his fans when it was announced that he won’t be performing in the 2014 musical Houdini.

According to a statement received by People.com., Jackman said: “I have greatly enjoyed the collaborative process on Houdini,” And “Ultimately, though, I wasn’t able to commit to the time this role will require.”

2. Russell Crowe


Russell Crowe, known for his performances in Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind, among other critically acclaimed films, was seen on the streets of Sydney together with a filming crew.

Crowe is making his directorial debut in the new film The Water Diviner, and was shooting the first few scenes of his upcoming movie, which is set after World War I.

3. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban


Nicole Kidman and husband, Keith Urban, were seen in Sydney, taking their daughters Sunday and Faith to Nicole’s parents’ house for their 50th anniversary celebration.

Keith has just returned from LA, and the couple seemed very happy, together with their children.

4. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber


Naomi Watts and husband Liev Schreiber are teaching their children, Alexander and Samuel how important it is to give back out of empathy, this Christmas.

Schreiber was quoted as saying: “This time of year, now that I have two small kids, finding ways to teach them about generosity and compassion and what this season is in any faith, are great opportunities for us.”

5. Sam Worthington


Sam Worthington, star of Avatar and Clash of the Titans, gave his fans a Christmas treat when he snapped a topless photo of his girlfriend, Lara Bingle, while she way lying in bed.

The two began dating in September 2013, and seem very happy with their relationship.

Sam gave his fans a sneak peek at their life, when he took a photo of Lara in bed wearing only her G-string, and posted it on social networking sites.

6. Rose Byrne


Rose Byrne has starred in the new film Neighbors, together with actor Seth Rogen, which shows them as a couple trying to raise their child in peace when 50 rowdy frat brothers move in next door, led by actor Zach Efron.

A trailer for the film was recently released.

7. Chris Hemsworth


Actor Chris Hemsworth, star of Thor, says that he wants to slow down his acting career and will be taking a break to spend some time with his family.

He was quoted as saying: ”I’ve been working solidly for a couple of years now, to the point where I have to slow down and spend some time with my family.”

8. Cate Blanchett


Actress Cate Blanchett, together with Rihanna and Miranda Kerr, was named the best dressed woman of 2013 by Vogue magazine.

About Blanchett, the editors of the magazine wrote: “No matter the occasion, the Blue Jasmine star greets the red carpet triumphant, always nailing the daunting combination of fashion-forward and timeless elegance.”

9. Guy Pearce


Guy Pearce will play Sean Hayes’ new boyfriend on Sean Saves the World.

The producers of the struggling show are hoping that stunt casting can boost the show’s ratings.

They said that they would be introducing Guy Pearce as the love interest, and that he will be a “charming, thrill-seeking adventurer who Sean will do almost anything to impress.”

10. Eric Bana


Eric Bana, star of Hulk, recently revealed that he had done a lot of comedy as an actor in Australia in shows such as ‘The Eric Bana Show’.

He also said that most Americans don’t know about this background of his.