Ten Amazing Facts About Accident-Prone Actress Naomi Watts

March 18, 2014

Interesting facts about actress Naomi Watts abound, including brushes with death, a dream about Princess Diana and controversial movie roles. Here are ten of the most fascinating.

1. Naomi Watts was caught in a riptide


Soon after leaving England for Australia, Watts was astonished to discover that she was caught in a riptide with her mother. She was lucky to survive, because she wasn’t a strong swimmer. The experience made her fearful of water.

This fear later helped her play the role of Maria in “The Impossible”, a film about the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. Watts understood Maria’s terror of the huge wave, because she had almost drowned.

2. Naomi Watts fell on the set of “King Kong”

The actress nearly died when she fell during the filming of “King Kong”. She fell from a height into a ditch, and she found herself jammed in a hole. She thought that she was paralyzed, but she was able to slowly move out due to practicing yoga, which she said made her “supple and agile”.

3. Her father worked for Pink Floyd

Many people don’t know that the actress’s father was a sound engineer for Pink Floyd. He also did the manic laughs for the group’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album. Watts is extremely proud that her father worked for the famous band.

4. She likes baked beans


Baked beans is Naomi Watt’s favorite comfort food. She probably enjoyed eating baked beans in her role as Princess Diana.

5. Naomi Watts starred in a roast lamb commercial

Many Australians remember Watts as the girl in the advertisement in which she refused a date with Tom Cruise, because she wanted to eat her Mum’s roast lamb. This commercial helped Watts to become known.

6. Nicole Kidman is one of Watt’s best friends

Watts and Kidman have been friends ever since they met on the set of a commercial when they were teenagers. Watts even moved in with Nicole Kidman after Kidman divorced Tom Cruise. She also attended Kidman’s wedding to Keith Urban.

7. Watts dreamed about Princess Diana


Watts was unsure about whether she should play Princess Diana, until she dreamed that Princess Diana gave her permission, and this gave her the strength to do the movie. She also felt the Princess’s presence when she wore her original gowns in the movie.

8. Watts almost became a journalist

Watt’s once wanted to be a journalist. At the young age of 20, she was the assistant editor of “Follow Me” magazine. She only began acting when a friend begged her to try it. She then gave up her job, and she started applying for acting positions.

9. Watts stars as a mother who falls in love with her friend’s son

Watts stars as a mother who falls in love with her friend’s much younger son in her new movie. It surprised Watts that the boy in the film is so young.

10. Watts has two small dogs

Naomi Watts has two small dogs, a Cocker Spaniel called Ned and a Yorkshire Terrier named Bob. She often takes them out with her family. There will, no doubt, be many more interesting facts about Naomi Watts as her career continues to develop.