Prince Harry Nearly Escaped A High-Speed Car Crash

September 12, 2014


The royal was caught up in a high-speed crash on Thursday. Apparently one of his police outriders had a head-on collision with a taxi vehicle as Harry’s motorcade headed to an Invictus Games event.

The incident

Luckily, Prince’s bodyguards treated both the taxi driver and the bike rider.

It was reported that the driver was unconscious and had to be cut free from his car by firemen using the jaws of life tool, while the rider was thrown from his bike, but was in a better shape after the crash.

An eyewitness reported that “Harry’s Range Rover took immediate evasive action, the driver, apparently fearing a terrorist attack, expertly steered the car through the damaged vehicles at high speed before coming to a stop further down the road.”

Worried Harry

The source also stated that he saw the Prince sitting in the back, looking quite worried about the injured driver, with his head in his hands, constantly looking back to see if the injured men was ok.

Reportedly, the police outrider has recently been let go from the hospital, whereas the driver is said to still be in the hospital, but is in a stable condition.

“The Prince was obviously very concerned and wanted to make sure both men were ok. He is relieved to hear they are both in a stable condition,” the official spokesperson for Prince Harry stated on Thursday.