Orlando Bloom & Justin Bieber Fight – Celebrities Are Taking Sides

July 31, 2014


After Orlando Bloom tried to punch Justin Bieber in Ibiza on Wednesday, some celebrities decided to publically announce which team they’ve chosen. Some of the stars who voiced via social networks or other media are Alyssa Milano, James Franco, Drake Bell, Jimmy Fallon, and others.

Drake Bell was as funny as always

Besides being an awesome actor & musician, Drake is also a comedian. He used Twitter to make his comments on the fight.

Namely, he posted photos of Looney Tunes characters Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier, captioning it: “@justinbieber I found these cool pictures of you and your body guard from the other night!”

Logically, Bieber’s fans became quite upset, and Drake responded: “You can’t take a joke? Geez. Can you kids start looking up to a good person?!”

What about the others?

Alyssa tweeted that she’s on “#TeamOrlando,” and apparently she’s not the only one to support Legolas. On Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report,” James Franco said he’s on “Team Bloom.”

Scandal actor Josh Malina joked, “This Justin Bieber/Orlando Bloom thing is the first time I’ve been interested in a featherweight match,” while former child star Mara Wilson tweeted: “Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber? My teenage crush punched this generation’s teenage crush!”

Even the ultimate funny guy of the new generation, Jimmy Fallon, reached this matter on NBC’s The Tonight Show. “Orlando Bloom apparently threw a punch at Justin Bieber last night during an argument at a nightclub. Orlando’s hand was pretty sore today…You know, from all the high fives he got!

So, whose side are you on?