Nicole Kidman Says Her Final Goodbye To Her Father

September 19, 2014


Nicole’s father and respected clinical psychologist, Dr Antony Kidman, died last week at the age of 75, and the actress bid him the last and beautiful farewell during the emotional funeral on Friday.

Thank you

Nicole, alongside her husband, Keith Urban, sang her version of Amazing Grace, and as the last chords of the song were played, the actress whispered a soft ‘thank you.’

“He was the father who was always going to be there,” Nicole said at the congregation. She also reminisced about a funny story when her father one time ate all the pizza they intended to share among themselves, and was very apologetic about the situation.

“I am so grateful he came to New York. And I’m so glad he ate all that pizza,” she joked.

The funeral

The service was held at St Francis Xavier Church on Sydney’s North Shore, and the actress was accompanied by her two daughters, Sunday Rose, 6, and Faith Margaret, 3. While her two adopted children from the time she was married to Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor did not attend the service.

Nicole’s sister, Antonia, arrived with her husband, Craig Marran, and their six children. The actress’ fellow Australian star, Russell Crowe, also attended the service.

The touching ceremony also featured the hymn “Morning Has Broken” and the poem “Farewell” by Anne Bronte. When the funeral reached the end, “The Carnival Is Over” by the Seekers rang out.

Antonia and Nicole’s mother, Janelle, spoke of his zest and enthusiasm for life:

“He had a helpless infectious laughter, whether it was a Charlie Chaplin movie or the Road Runner. When Anthony laughed, you laughed with him. And of course he sang at home at work in his car, he practiced in the front porch. He was persistent setting up of the health psychology unit. I could go on…”

“He was a dear good man who will never be forgotten, he leaves behind a family who will be better for knowing him.”