Miss Minogue Turned 46 – Kylie’s Story To Fame

May 30, 2014

kylie minogue

This May the Australian singer turned 46 after 25 years in the entertainment industry. Kylie Minogue, born May 28, 1968, in Melbourne, Australia, got her start in showbiz acting in an Australian soap-opera.

Her first album, Kylie, debuted in 1988, and from then on it has only gone up for her. Now Kylie is an internationally recognized super-start with an amazing voice.

As many ponder what could be next for the Grammy Award winner, we take a look back at the journey she took to get to where she is today.

The First Steps

kylie charlene

From an early age, Kylie and her sister, Dannii, began doing small roles for soap-opera shows until Kylie, the oldest sibling, was cast in Neighbors, a popular show in the UK, eventually winning Most Popular Television Performer by a public vote if the country.

Minogue got her start in singing by performing a duet with a costar, and was so good she was signed by Mushroom records in 1987.

Her first single, “The Loco-Motion” stayed at No.1 for 7 weeks in Australia, and led to her singing “I Should Be so Lucky”, which reached No.1 in the U.S., as well as multiple other countries around the world. Her debut album Kylie shortly followed in 1988.

In 1989, her second album Enjoy Yourself achieved recognition around the globe, but failed to achieve much throughout North America.

As a result, Kylie was dropped by her American record label. In response, Minogue decided to do her first tour throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia, and gained yet more international attention.

Defining Herself

kylie 94

The 90’s began with Minogue sliding still in popularity with North America, but still gaining fame in Europe and Australia.

It also was the start of her attempt to break away from the “girl-next-door” image her record labels had branded her with.

Her next two albums, Rhythm of Love and Lets Get to It, each saw less and less attention as Kylie struggled to present herself as a mature artist.

When Kylie signed with Deconstruction Records, it was seen as the beginning of a new phase for her. Kylie Minogue, the fifth album she produced, saw a return to popularity.

In 1995, Minogue appeared on multiple guest events, where her on-camera charisma was not missed. In 1996 she costarred with Pauly Shore in the movie Bio-Dome¬, and saw a return to popularity in America.

Into the New Millennia

kylie 97

In 1997 Minogue released an album with collaborations from multiple artists on what she characterized as a mostly dance music album.

Accused of trying to become an indie artist, Kylie tried going back to the music that had won her initial fame.

The result was an album that received the lowest sales in her career, as well as some of the worst criticism she would ever here.

Going into the new century, Minogue started to release albums that featured disco themes.

These albums saw a return to favor with fans, and she began to appear more and more as a guest star in television shows around the world. Her single “I Believe in You” was nominated for a Grammy in Germany.

In 2005, Kylie started her “Showgirl: The Greatest Hits” tour. After finishing up the European leg, Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer at home in Australia, where she was forced to cancel the tour.

However, in 2006, not to be kept down, Kylie resumed the tour, with the show breaks and costume changes lengthened to compensate for her condition. The tour was hailed as a success as Kylie was credited for putting on energetic performances and not letting her condition slow her down.

Kylie has since released her twelfth album, titled Kiss Me Once. She has won multiple awards, as well as a nomination for “World’s Best Song” at the 2013 World Music Awards. She regularly appears on TV around the world, but is featured most heavily in England, the nation she originally got her start in. She is set to launch her Kiss Me Once tour in 2014.