Mara Wilson Remembers Robin Williams – ‘He Reminded Me Of My Father’

August 19, 2014


Mrs. Doubtfire child star Mara Wilson was so said and devastated last week about the death of her friend, mentor and on-screen father, Robin Williams, that she simply wasn’t able to talk for the press and has been turning down interviews ever since the tragic news shook people around the globe.

All that sadness had to find its vent

However, the 27-year-old actress, who was just six when she starred alongside Robin in this classic comedy, has opened up in posts via her blog:

“He always reminded me a little of my father. Robin Williams, as I knew him, was warm, gentle, expressive, nurturing, and brilliant,” wrote the Matilda actress.

“Robin would do anything to make me and the other kids laugh. He seemed to know instinctively what we would find funny, and never had to resort to saying anything that was inappropriate for children. He was, after all, a father himself.”

Mara was only six when she co-starred the famous actor in “Mrs. Doubtfire”, so no wonder she saw him as a father and a mentor.

Finding out the horrible news

In her most recent post, Mara shares the emotions she felt when she found out the sad news of Robin’s death.

“When I heard about Robin’s death, I was shocked, confused angry, regretful, and above all, sad. He had a great impact on my life. He was as warm and talented as everyone says, and a joy to be around. It’s as if my favorite teacher died.” Mara sadly concluded.

In a way, he was a teacher to us all. “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world,” Robin once said. So don’t ever stop speaking your mind or be afraid of new ideas. We’re sure Mara won’t.