Kanye West Is ‘Fine’ After Being Rushed To Hospital In Australia

September 11, 2014


The famous rapper, Kanye West, was taken to hospital in Australia on Wednesday, however, a source has recently confirmed that the music mogul is fortunately “fine”.

False alarm

There were several reports that Kanye had some serious health issues involving a seizure-type condition, but an insider has recently stated that the reports are not true and it wasn’t anything serious.

“Kanye didn’t have a major health scare or seizure. He just suffered a migraine and went to hospital simply as a precaution,” an insider said.

According to local reports, he also underwent an MRI scan. Nurses at the hospital had to clear the MRI waiting room and the superstar rapper got a private treatment.

Back on stage

Luckily, the 37-year-old hip-hop artist apparently made a quick recovery and several hours later was able to appear back on stage for his performance at 15,000-seat Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.

Kanye and his wife Kim travelled down to the land down under last week, along with their daughter North West. The family is currently in Sydney awaiting the next phase of the singer’s multi-date “Yeezus” tour.

Kim also has her own work to be done in the city, promoting her brand new clothing line called “Kardashian Kollection.”