Jessica Alba – ‘I Was Such A Tomboy, Bit Now I Am Confident In My Sexuality’

August 5, 2014

Jessica Alba

Ok, we all know Jessica has been one of the sexiest actresses out there for many years now, but what we didn’t know is that she wasn’t as comfortable in her own body as she has been feeling lately after becoming a mother. She also revealed she was a bit of a “tomboy” and always had to play the part of a sexy girl. Who knew…

Ownership of her body

It seems that having a baby didn’t end her career as a sexy-goddess, in fact the experience of being a mom only made her more aware of her own body and she apparently learned to respect it more.

“I was such a tomboy, and I would always kinda like try and do role-playing to try and do these sexy things, but now I’m very much woman.

I know who I am, I’m confident in my sexuality and now it’s not so much of a departure from myself when I have to do photo shoots or play a character,” said Alba who is a mother of two daughters, Honor Marie Warren (7) and Haven Garner Warren (3.)

“I just have an ownership of my body and of myself as a woman that I didn’t really have before.”


While talking about her latest photo shoot Alba also opened up about overcoming some personal battles through the years.

“I don’t want to talk about my issues. But I definitely feel like I tackled something and came out the other side. Everything that led up to all this was worth it,” she said. “I’m really comfortable in my own skin, and I’m not apologizing for myself.”

So, there you have it. Even the prettiest girls can sometimes be insecure, vulnerable and ashamed of their perfectly sculpted body.