James Franco Has A New Girlfriend?

August 6, 2014

James Franco

Franco has been inadvertently teasing his fans about his new hot girlfriend via social networks and the fans have been wondering who this mystery blonde might be, and now her identity has finally been revealed.

LA Woman

The handsome actor is apparently dating a model from Los Angeles called Erin Johnson.

James and Erin were seen in a hurry, making their way through Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday. Social media soon exploded with curiosity over who this mysterious beauty is and where the couple has headed.

Erin Johnson, 27, hasn’t really been concealing the friendship with the famous and desirable actor.

Namely, back in January, Erin posted a photo of herself with James and another friend on her Instagram profile and the caption read “So yeah… James Franco.”

Another proof that Erin and James might be serious is another photo posted by her. The LA model used the photo in order to brag about how the famous actor was spending time with her.

It was a picture of James and the caption said “This has been my view for the last few hours,” Erin wrote, adding: “The love of my life in the flesh. @jamesfrancotv”.

Fling with Lindsay Lohan

James is known for his tendency to be a bachelor lately and not get involved in anything serious. His last steady relationship was with “The Help” actress Ahna O’Reilly, which ended in 2011.

Earlier this year, there have been rumors on a possible fling with Lindsay Lohan, after her infamous list of celebrity lovers surfaced.

Franco’s name appeared on that list but James denied the story and said the two had never been intimate.