Is Kate Middleton Pregnant Or Not?

August 18, 2014


It seems like the rumors on this topic will never stop. Well, at least until Kate and the royal press office actually confirms the news.

What do we know so far?

First of all, we know for sure that Kate and Prince William are trying, they admitted themselves.

Will has stated on several occasions that he wants another child, and their close friends opened up recently on the subject saying the couple was ‘trying’ during the summer.

Now, since the summer is almost over, and since they managed to get pregnant with Prince George fairly quickly, we can freely assume that it won’t take long for Kate to get pregnant again either.

Kate’s friend Jessica Hay has also confirmed to the tabloids that Kate was pregnant, and considering the fact that Jessica was the one to confirm it the last time, it just might be possible Kate’s expecting another one.

But what happened to her bump?

Kate did appear bloated last month and the pictures of her bumpy stomach soon went viral, however that bumps seems to have magically disappeared during her most recent public appearances. That can either mean she had a miscarriage, or that she just gained and lost a bit of stomach weight.

We also found out that the royals have already confirmed that Kate will be traveling to Italy for the wedding in September, and that probably means she’s not pregnant, since the chances are slim she would be going to another country if she really was pregnant and in her first trimester.

So, at the end of the day, we will conclude that Kate is not pregnant, at least for now. But since Will and Kate are officially trying, that can change in a heartbeat. One really, really tiny heartbeat.