George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin ‘Are Free To Marry Wherever They Want’

September 17, 2014


An incredible amount of excitement is mounting over the wedding of these two, and while the specific details on the Hollywood’s next big wedding are being firmly kept under wraps by George and his lawyer fiancé, Amal Alamuddin, the location of their wedding seems to be the hottest topic.

Everything’s fine

There has been rumors that the popular ‘nearlyweds’ didn’t manage to acquire all the necessary paperwork for the ceremony, however, the latest reports say that everything is going according to plan.

“I believe we have given the documents to George’s fiancée and now they are free to go and marry wherever they want,” a source at the registry office stated for HELLO! Online magazine.

“That is the honest truth,” the source added.


The much anticipated ceremony was first supposed to happen in the privacy of the actor’s $31million Villa Oleandra in Lake Como, Italy. However, Amal was apparently afraid the lakeside residence was “too public” for the long-awaited wedding, so the lake house seems to be out.

On the other hand, some reports suggest the lovebirds might marry in Venice, where they first met, while others state the couple will officially tie the knot at the Chelsea Town Hall and continue the nuptials later in Italy.

Wherever this event ends up happening, one thing is certain – it is surely going be one of the biggest Hollywood events of the year.