Fashion Disasters of 2013 from the Logies

April 4, 2014

Melanie Vallejo, Melissa Bergland and Virginia Gay

1. Melanie Vallejo

Melanie Vallejo is another person that made the top ten boring outfits of the occasion. Her ensemble had no panache or charisma, causing most critics to overlook her completely.

2. Susie Eleman

Suzie Eleman showed a bit more of her than needed to be seen. The golden monstrosity that she donned was split at the waist and from that point upwards, there was really no need for her to have bothered wearing anything at all.

3. Natalie Hunter

Natalie Hunter was another failure on this year’s red carpet, whose dress was attention grabbing but for all the wrong reasons. She wore a yellow flowery dress, which was a culmination of clashing colors and patterns.

4. Jesinta Campbell

Jesinta Campbell wore what has become a red carpet staple in recent years- the nude dress. The style and cut has been so overdone in the last few decades that it has lost its spark and though she looked all right in it, there was nothing notable or unique about her attire.

30 Days of Fashion and Beauty

5. Kat Stewart

Kat Stewart is usually elegantly dressed, however this outfit looked like she had put no thought into it. The dress was boring and did not compliment her in any way, however dullness was the only crime she was guilty of as her attire did not exactly offend the same way that some of the above-mentioned did.

6. Brynne Edelston

Brynne Edelston wore a disaster in white. Her dress was an off-shoulder number with thin tassels all along the bottom, and lace covering her shoulders. If that description does not make it clear that this was a disaster, her terrible hairstyle ensured it.

7. Zoe Foster

Zoe Foster strutted another number that has been done to death, which is the grey sequined dress. The actress is gorgeous and can look good in anything with a little bit of effort. If one is to repeat a style that they have seen someone wearing before them, then it is necessary to add your own touch to it so that it remains noteworthy and Zoe seems to have forgotten to do that.

Zoe Foster

8. Rebecca Gibney

Rebecca Gibney was not wrong in her choice of clothing; she just had two completely different outfits on at the same time. Her dress screamed summer in the sun, while her shoes yelled ‘snow day’. When put together, the two refused to merge, causing the singer to look like she had shifted seasons midway through dressing.

9. Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice made the major mistake of assuming that she could bring back shoulder pads. The gorgeous swimmer wore a two-piece with a shoulder padded peplum top and a black pencil skirt underneath. The ensemble did not compliment her figure or her style, landing her on this list.

10. Georgie Parker

Georgie Parker who has been associated with the Logies for decades now, wore a black and white striped dress. A zebra carcass would have done just the same, for probably half the cost.