Devastating Celebrity Breakups of 2013

Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel

2. Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel

After ten years of marriage, the couple has officially announced that they will be getting a divorce.

Their publicist told the press that they had always had problems, and that both parties had tried their best to make it work for the sake of their son.

However, it seems that their efforts were in vain, as the couple has officially separated.

Menzel’s career has recently blasted off with her amazing Frozen soundtrack. She’s stated that it will be most unusual to see kids wind up at her shows, but the theatre performer has crossed over into Disneymania and her music is getting embraced by children as well as their parents who also enjoyed the film and Menzel’s fabulous voice.

Diggs, of course is known for his acting roles in films like How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Both Diggs and Menzel appeared together as co-stars in the Broadway production Rent. It’s not clear why the pair is splitting up after a decade together, but both have plans to make their son a priority and help him through this challenging time.

Though the split comes as a shock for fans of both, they are trying to part amicably for the sake of their son.

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