Devastating Celebrity Breakups of 2013

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

Break ups happen among every day people just as they do celebrities. Yet there’s always something sad about these splits. Even so, hopefully they will forge new and exciting paths each in their separate ways. The following are the pairs who decided to call it quits in 2013.

1. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

This adorable duet announced that they have officially separated.

The news took the world by storm with fans rating this as one of the most devastating break ups of the year.

The gorgeous Australian model and Bloom have one child together. Rumors have since run rampant that Bloom is dating his Romeo and Juliet co-star while Kerr is seeing an Australian billionaire.

The pair, however, seem kind to one another in spite of their breakup. Both bumped into one another at the 2014 Oscars where Kerr wowed the crown in a backless metallic gown. The former Victoria Secret model and the handsome elf of Lord of the Rings have a son together.

Reports suggest their divorce is proceeding without any hang-ups or bumps in the road. While Bloom continues his acting career, Kerr was recently named as the new beautiful face for Escada. Bloom has stated publicly that in spite of the divorce, the three of them are still family and will always be within each others’ lives.

Their split truly seems amicable – something they insist upon for the sake of their son. There had been reports that the pair was actually thinking of calling off the divorce, but it appears that it is moving forward.

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