Christine Bleakley On Moving To New York City And Much More

September 2, 2014


Ever since her fiancé Frank Lampard, signed a deal with New York City FC, there have been rumors that the famous couple is moving to New York. However, in an in-depth interview for Hello! Online, the beautiful TV presenter has revealed that she isn’t planning on completely moving to The Big Apple.

“We’re not moving as such,” said Christine. “Obviously Frank’s heading over there but our house is in London so we will be to-ing and fro-ing. It’s exciting!”

As Christine is torn between the two cities, we take a sneak peek into her life. Christine talked about her beauty tips, what she always carries on her and why she doesn’t believe in diets.

Keys? Check. Wallet? Check? Concealer… Check.

It appears that sometimes even the simplest methods are the best ones if you want to look naturally beautiful. Christine couldn’t live without her concealer.

“Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with lots of make-up artists and you pick up tips from each of them. Using a concealer properly is fantastic. You can make yourself look relatively flawless without much make-up if you know how to do it properly,” says the star.

A little pot of Vaseline also seems to go a long way.

“It’s very simple and can be used as a highlighter if you need a sheen, for your lips if they’re feeling a bit dry, or even to keep eyebrows in place. I’m using a MAC concealer at the moment which I really like. I have a Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser and my favourite mascara is Chanel,” she admits.

Healthy body = Beautiful body

Christine has also revealed that she tries to work out even a little bit over the week, although she usually doesn’t have the time to do so, and the secret to a healthy life is definitely everything in moderation.

”If I’m working for 12-14 hours a day, I still make sure I do something during the week. Even If it’s just going for a ten minute walk to keep everything moving. I really enjoy spin and body pump classes and sometimes work out with my sister or with Frank.”

“I eat well. I would never do any of these diets where you’re starving yourself. It’s about everything in moderation and the harder you work, the more results you’ll get, whether it’s walking for an extra ten minutes or doing a bit more in the gym. It’s all about perspective and I think I’m balanced in that way.”