Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Married! – Had A Secret Wedding On Saturday

August 29, 2014


It seems that the most famous couple in the history of everything got a bit bored with all the publicity and decided to shock the celebrity world with their small and secret wedding. Brangelina got away for the weekend in France and apparently said “I do” at the Chateau Miraval in Correns – their sprawling estate they have been leasing since 2008.

Friend & Family

The two lovebirds have been together for almost a decade now and are the parents of six children who all played a special part during the big day.

Their eldest son Maddox, 12, along with his brother Pax, 10, walked their beautiful mum down the aisle, while Zahara, 9, and Vivienne, 5, threw petals all around the bride.

Shiloh, 7, and Knox, 5, on the other hand, played their important roles as ring bearers during the non-denominational civil ceremony.

Pitt and Jolie recently told People that the wedding would be a family affair and the surely meant it.

“We are discussing it with the children and how they imagine it might be,” Jolie said. “Which is verging on hysterical, how kids envision a wedding…They will, in a way, be the wedding planner. It’s going to be Disney or paintball — one or the other!”

“In the days before coming to France, and as citizens of California, Brad and Angelina filled out their paperwork and obtained a marriage license from a local judge, who also travelled to France to conduct the ceremony at Chateau Miraval, They are therefore married under Californian law,” the official family statement read.

Same sex marriage approval was a condition

Back in 2006, Brad told Esquire magazine that he and Jolie would not marry until everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able. He later again stated his beliefs and his commitment to gay marriage 2011 in an interview for People.

“Thanks to the tireless work of so many, someday soon this discrimination will end and every American will be able to enjoy their equal right to marriage,” Pitt said after the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York State.

It appears that when you truly commit to your beliefs, everything turns out fine in the in the end. We wish them all the luck in the world and a long and happy marriage. They deserved it.