Australia’s Six Hottest Rock Vocalists

January 14, 2014

1. Michael Hutchence (INXS)


Michael Hutchence was the dashing front man of Australian pop-rock stalwarts, INXS from 1977-1997. He was the original poster boy of Australian rock during the 80s and 90’s, as women swooned over his voice and his charismatic demeanor.

He was a ‘chick magnet’ and had countless affairs with prominent actresses, singers and models of his time.

2. Daniel Johns (Silverchair)

Australian Band Silverchair

Best known as the front man of Australia’s legendary alternative rock band Silverchair, Daniel Johns was featured in Rolling Stones’ list of ‘The 25 Most Underrated Guitarists’ in 2007.

His enviable looks and stylish hairstyles made him a heartthrob among female fans of Silverchair. He was often compared with Kurt Cobain during the 90’s due to their similar blond locks and rock-icon status.

3. Shim Moore (Sick Puppies)

Sick Puppies

Shim Moore is an exceedingly talented and dangerously attractive front man of the Australian rock band Sick Puppies. His stylish stage wear, cool hairdo and masculine jaw line makes him the ideal rock star celebrity of the current generation.

4. Joel O’Keefe (Airbourne)

Airbourne perform live in Hamburg

Joel O’Keefe is the flag bearer of Australian old school hard rock. Heavily influenced by 70’s hard rock and heavy metal, Joel is the alpha male of Australia’s current breed of hard rock vocalists. His long curls, lean physique and charming smile make him a sexy beast on stage.

5. Bernard Fanning (Bernard Fanning)

Bernard Fanning of Powderfinger performing live

Bernard Fanning, the 43-year-old former front man of Australian alternative rock band, Powderfinger, is an underrated hottie. He does not have the outrageous sex appeal of a Hutchence, or the punk-rock look of a Cheney; however, he does have an alluring persona that makes him stand apart from his rock contemporaries.

Like Paul Dempsey, Bernard also has a striking ‘gentleman look’, which is characterized by his straight long hair, moustache and a gentle stubble.

6. Nick Cave (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds perform in Amsterdam

Nick Cave is one of Australia’s most iconic rockstars. Not only did he gain musical popularity with his band and solo albums, he also acted in films and wrote a few books and screenplays.

His unique dressing style constitutes of suave suits and jeans. He has influenced punk, rock and gothic music subcultures with his iconic looks and dressing sense.