9 Prominent Australian Bands of All Time

January 21, 2014

1. AC/DC


Well there was no doubt that they were going to be number one on this list. After twenty years of being in love with them, I still feel a rush of excitement when playing ‘Highway to Hell’.

Their album ‘Back in Black’ is the second all-time highest selling album ever, plus they are yet to have an album that did not have at least two charts topping hits, making them one of Australia’s finest productions.

Their songs have become ‘classic rock anthems’ all around the globe, placing them amongst the most famous bands in history.

2. Silverchair


There are many that feel that Silverchair deserves the number one spot, however I would have to disagree. Daniel John’s brilliant music has captured many young hearts over the years, causing their concerts to remain sold-out events to this day.

The band was originally formed in 1992, which is recent compared to ACDC, with Daniel Johns’s amazing guitar solos and Ben Gillies’ crazy drumming keeping us head banging for hours.

3. Little River Band


Their harmonious beats have people worldwide swinging to the sound of Goble and Shorrock. The band chose its name while passing by a road sign on the way to Little River near Geelong.

Goble and Shorrock wrote most of the music for the band with contributions from the other members from time to time. Originally formed in 1975, they have sold over 25 million albums since, making them a must add to this list.

4. Midnight Oil


‘The Oils’ as their fans refer to them are an alternative rock band formed in 1972 under the name ‘Farm’. Their lead vocalist found them through a newspaper advertisement while he was studying at the Australian National University and by 1975 the band was accomplished enough to be touring the east coast.

Since then, they have had a long and illustrious career, with fans flocking to their concerts to this day.

5. Jet


One of the more underrated bands of their generation, Jet was an Australian college band that was formed by a group of students back in 2001. They met at St Bede’s College in Mentone, Melbourne and went on to create multiple hit albums such as ‘Shine On’ and ‘Get Born’.

Their last album ‘Shaka Rock’ was released in 2009, after which the band broke up, much to their fans’ disappointment.



This band merges a cluster of different genres together, producing their own brand of unique music. Their music can range from Pop to Funk and from R&B to Rock, making their fan base as diverse as their music.

They have a number of chart topping hits, both at home and abroad, especially in the US.

They might not be a ‘Rock Band’ in the conventional sense, but they carved their own niche by not adhering to the rules, which is the corner stone of true rock.

7. Crowded House


They are led by the genius of the Finn brothers with Neil Finn occupying the major role. Their lyrics are brilliant and they pull on every fan’s heartstrings, which is one of the main reasons that people enjoy their music.

The Finn brothers combination on the hit song ‘Woodface’ was brilliantly executed and a treat for anyone that heard it.

8. Powderfinger


Their music was considered slightly mainstream but brilliant none the less. With Bernard Fanning taking the lead, the band was formed in Brisbane in 1989 and produced 7 hit albums with many chart-topping hits until their break up in 2010.

9. Wolf Mother


Their career peaked in 2007 when they received the Grammy award for the ‘Best Hard Rock Performance’ with their hit single ‘Woman’. The band was formed in 2000 by the lead vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale, Chris Ross, and Myles Heskett.

They have received multiple other awards both at home and abroad, especially for their self-titled album in 2005.