8 Reasons Why The Veronicas Rock

January 6, 2014

1. Their Band Name

The Veronicas

Sisters Jess and Lisa Origliasso wanted something cool and original for their band name. The singers also wanted to be sure to steer clear of a gimmicky, twin name so the sisters pulled their inspiration form the popular 80’s teen film, Heathers.

They both liked Winona Ryder’s tough, smart, and super cool-chick character Veronica. They tossed it around with their label and eventually the name stuck.

2. Archie Comic Lawsuit

The Veronicas

After Archie Comics caught wind of the sister’s new band name they quickly filed suit against their label, Warner Music Group seeking $200 million in damages.

Archie Comics claimed a trademark infringement against the character Veronica Lodge. Instead of changing the band name the sisters and their label struck a deal with the comic and appeared in several issues as a cross-promotional deal.

3. They’re Twins

The Veronicas

Lisa and Jess are not just your regular, everyday twin sisters but they are super talented twins. These Aussie twins are obviously super close and bring a kind of rocker-chick magic to everything they do.

They are also easily identifiable as individuals and pride themselves in their similarities and differences. They both have their own unique personality and bring something special to the group.

4. Philanthropic Efforts

The Veronicas

The singers have worked with several well know charities over the years including PETA, they joined Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors Worldwide in 2006 and they have both been outspoken in their support for Marriage Equality. They continue to work closely with Wildlife Warriors Worldwide to this day.

5. Veronicas = Fashionistas

The Veronicas

The Veronicas have has several different successful endorsement deals and product lines over the years. They are both well known for their funky and cool style and even launched their own successful Australian fashion line in 2007.

6. The Music

The Veronicas

From their 2005 debut album The Secret Life of… to their highly anticipated 2014 release You and Me, The Veronicas are known for their fun, high-energy and often soulful rock and roll sound.

Between their first 2 albums the singers have gone 6x platinum and garnered worldwide recognition in a matter of 10 short years.

7. They Aren’t Afraid to Speak Up


The Veronicas were slated to release a follow up to 2007’s hit album Hook Me Up in late 2012. The title for their 3rd studio album was revealed to be Life on Mars and was hinted at a late 2012 release several times by the singers.

Unfortunately their label went through several CEO changes over in 2012 and 2013 causing the album’s release to be put on the back burner. Frustrated and upset, the singers spoke out against their label on several social and media platforms and were finally released from their contract in October 2013.

8. New Music is Coming Soon

jessica origliasso

Now that The Veronicas have been able to change record labels we can expect new music form the sisters in February 2014. The album has been renamed and things have been changed up a bit but both the sisters and their fans are eager for its release. With its upcoming release one thing is for sure, new and old fans alike should be ready for The Veronicas to take the music world by storm once again in 2014.