25 Of Australia’s Richest Celebrities


2. Angus Young

One of the most iconic rock bands of the 1970s and 1980s came to the world courtesy of Australia.

AC/DC is a rock band that was formed by a group of friends from Australia. Angus Young is the group’s co-founder and lead guitarist.

The band was formed some 40 years ago, but even today it retains a massive following both inside and outside of Australia. The group became particularly popular in the United States, where its music was measured against the likes of KISS and The Rolling Stones.

Today, Angus Young and the other members of the band continue to rake in millions of dollars in album sales and royalties despite no longer recording new albums with the same regularity. Young, who founded the group along with his brother Malcolm, has an estimated personal wealth today of more than $140 million.

Since the turn of the 21st century, AC/DC has released just two albums. “Stiff Upper Lip” was released in 2000, followed by “Black Ice” in 2008. However, record sales remain brisk for the group who does continue to tour both across Australia and around the world. The group’s last headlining tour stretched from 2008 to 2010 and was conducted in support of “Black Ice”.

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  • LadySKO

    You forgot elle Macpherson who easily outstripes 8/9 – her own modelling career and underwear empire before everyone was doing it.

  • Linda Baird

    Mega rich within any society is an obscenity. It distorts property markets, creates statistical distortion in national economic data collection and overstates actual individual endeavour which is never hundreds or thousands of times greater than performers in other sectors or industries. It is capitalism at its worst and makes an obscene statement to the 2 billion plus who cant even scrounge a living on this planet.