7 Top Australian Sports Celebrities of 2013

January 21, 2014

1. Michael Clarke

Captains Michael Clarke of Australia

Michael Clarke has been making his mark in the cricket world, leaving behind legends such as Don Bradman, with his triple and then three double centuries. Michael has become a household name over the last decade or so, starting his career at the age of 18, and is now the captain of the Australian cricket team for both test and ODI cricket.

2. Sally Pearson

Sally Pearson competes in the Women's 100m

Sally Pearson was named the IAAF top female athlete of 2011, and has won gold medals in the world championship, Commonwealth Championship and the Olympics. Despite being injured, she managed to finish her race last year in good time and is now aiming to break the world record of 12.21 seconds.

3. Cameron Smith

Prince Charles, left, chats with, from left, Australia's national rugby league team team manager Gareth Holmes, captain Cameron Smith and Andrew Hill

Cameron Smith is regarded as one of the best rugby players in Australia today. 2012 was an amazing year for him during which he captained Storm to the NRL Premiership, and the Kangaroos to Test victory. He was then awarded the international player of the year award, ending a perfect year for him.

4. Anna Meares

Anna Meares(AUS)

Anna Meares is a 29-year-old professional cyclist from Queensland who began this season with a gold medal, which she then lived up to with a stellar performance at the London Olympics. The cherry on the cake was that she was set against her ‘arch rival’ Victoria Pendleton. Anna won gold whereas Victoria won bronze, which must have made the victory much sweeter.

5. Joel Parkinson


Joel Parkinson has been the king of the surfboard for almost a decade now and many people are wondering if he will be able to last much longer. ‘Parko’, as he is sometimes referred to, is hitting 32 this year and with younger competitors entering the scene every day, let us hope he can sustain his ‘World Crown’ win glory.

6. Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie Gilmore hugs Layne Beachley after their heat during the Billabong Pro Maui

Stephanie Gilmore is the leading lady of the surfing world and a hot favorite back home in Murwillumbah. Recently she seems to have her sights set on Layne Beachley’s titles, giving the fellow competitor a run for her money.

7. Daniel Geale


Daniel Geale defeated Osumanu Adama for the IBF middleweight title, which did not seem to satisfy him because he then went on to secure the WBA champion Felix Sturm. This is a man on a mission and he seems to know his sport, judging by his recent triumphs.