20 Most Beautiful and Talented Actresses of Australia


Australia is known around the world for a number of different things. Think of Australia and the first things that probably come to your head are kangaroos, koalas, beaches, the Sydney Opera House, the outback, vegemite, or something of the sort. Simply put, there are a lot of things about Australia that make the country completely unique and unlike anywhere else in the world.

However, something that Australia doesn’t get a lot of credit for is producing dozens upon dozens of talented actresses and actors. Below we take a look at twenty of the most talented and beautiful actresses that were born and raised down under.

1. Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski is an extremely talented actor that is known around the world for her roles in television shows such as “Chuck” and “Dexter.”

Her best-known role is as CIA agent Sarah Marshall in “Chuck,” a US crime drama that combines elements of comedy with traditional spy and thriller themes.

However, Strahovski’s acting career began years earlier in her native Australia.

She was heavily involved in school theater, which later landed her numerous television and film appearances. Among these were roles in the television shows “headLand” and “Sea Patrol” as well as a guest appearance on “Double the Fist.”

With a desire to take her acting career to the next level, Strahovski soon moved to the United States and began auditioning for a number of television shows. It was then that she landed her role in “Chuck.”

Strahovski also voiced the character Miranda Lawson in the “Mass Effect” video game series. She has since appeared in the films “Killer Elite,” “The Guilt Trip,” and “I, Frankenstein.” Her current acting gig is playing another CIA agent, Kate Morgan, in the television series “24: Live Another Day.”

In addition to her top-notch acting skills, Strahovski is known for her sizzling good looks. She has been voted to Maxim’s Hot 100 each year from 2009 to 2013. She claims that her use of natural skin and hair care products as well as an active and disciplined lifestyle have helped keep her young and healthy over the length of her career.

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