7 Different Ways of Exploring the Modern Gladiator

January 16, 2014

1. Off-screen performance


The Oscar winning Russell has performed another heroic role in real life where he saved a small dog from a nasty end in Los Angeles. When he heard a girl screaming to rescue her dog which was surrounded by three coyotes, Russell could not resist saving that dog. He did not even think about the danger involved.

2. Personal life


The bulky Australian actor has been involved in many high-profile relationships throughout his career. In 2003, he married Australian singer Danielle Spencer.

His married life did not work with Danielle and they got separated in 2012. Russell was also noticed on a Greek island with a few pretty beachgoers. Though he kept his ongoing love tale out of the spotlight, the buzz is that he did carry a brief romance with Meg Ryan.

3. Working on to survive the apocalyptic flood


Russell Crowe is very passionate about his upcoming movie, Noah. This movie is based on the American religious epic, Noah’s ark, built to survive the apocalyptic flood. The film is directed by Darren Aronofsky. Noah also features Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Connelly.

4. Property portfolio


Real estate documents suggest that Crowe’s property portfolio could make him one of the leading landowners of New South Wales. Since his first batch of land way back in 1999, Russell has purchased nine more surrounding lots, covering 100 hectares across the North Coast hamlet. In addition, he has also purchased several small lots in Nana Glen and Nymbodia.

5. Musical Russell


Did you notice how exciting it was when Russell and Hugh Jackman were exploring their vocal talents at the Oscar event? They enthralled the star-studded audience with some of the selected songs from the award winning movies.

6. Crowe’s Helping hand


In reel life, you saw Russell delivering various outstanding and generous performances. When it comes to real life, he never hesitates to play the role of a philanthropist. He has donated a large amount of money to different struggling schools in rural Australia.

7. Areas of interest


Russell has a special love for horses. He also loves watching soccer, rugby and cricket. Recently, Russell has revealed to one of his fans that he has a fascination for an old map.