7 Australia’s Iconic Rock Bands

January 15, 2014

Australia has always been a creative hotbed for musicians who have dominated the world’s leading music charts throughout decades. Presented below is a retrospective list of the country’s eight pioneering rock bands.



Ask any Australian child if they have heard of AC/DC, and they would nod their heads affirmatively.  Some of them may even headbang, raise their rock horns high and say, ‘’hell yeah!’’. Such is the panache of Australia’s hard rock pioneers AC/DC that they continue to dominate the Australian music scenario even after 40 years of existence.

Along with Black Sabbath, they are often regarded as the pioneers of heavy metal, and are considered one of the greatest hard rock bands of all time.

2.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Melbourne’s seminal alternative rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are undoubtedly one of the greatest musical groups of Australia. Founded in 1983 by Nick Cave, the band went on to release fifteen full-length albums and toured heavily in the Australian and international rock arena.

They have been awarded with the prestigious ARIA Awards (Australian Record Industry Association) four times between 1996 and 2013, and the band’s frontman Nick Cave was inducted in the ‘ARIA Hall of Fame’ during 2007.

3.Cold Chisel

Cold Chisel

Established in 1973, Cold Chisel is one of Australia’s oldest rock bands along with AC/DC. Cold Chisel is widely respected among Australian old school rock lover as the country’s national pride. The band released 13 studio albums during their career that spanned close to 40 years.



INXS was an extremely popular and commercially successful Aussie rock band that dominated the country’s music charts for close to four decades. Originally formed as The Fariss Brothers in 1977, INXS went on to become one of Australia’s most renowned rock bands in the international scene.

They released 12 full-length albums, 12 compilations and 61 singles in their 35 years-old career. During this period, INXS were awarded the ARIA Awards 6 times that included 3 ‘Best Group’ awards.

5.Midnight Oil

Peter Garrett Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil was a pioneering alternative rock band, which was formed in Sydney during the 1970s. They released 11 albums throughout their musical career. Widely regarded as one of the greatest Aussie bands, they have won 11 ARIA awards.



For a band so young in its career, Wolfmother has taken Australia’s music scene by storm. The three-piece band was founded in 2000, and they went on to become one of the most successful and critically acclaimed hard rock bands from Down Under.

Their self-titled debut album reached number three on ARIA’s ‘Top Albums’ chart in 2005, and also won their coveted ‘Best Rock Album’ award in 2006. They also won a Grammy for their single, ‘Woman’.



Brisbane rockers Powderfinger were active during 1989-2010. They won 18 ARIA awards and topped the Australian charts on numerous occasions. 10 of their albums achieved a multi-platinum status.