7 Australian Celebs and their Pets

January 21, 2014

1.Miranda Kerr


Australian beauty Miranda Kerr is an animal lover. She has an adorable Yorkshire terrier who is named ‘Frankie’. Kerr is often noticed with her little cutie on photo-shoots and public appearances.

She also posted a picture with the pooch on her Instagram and Twitter pages that went viral on the Internet.

2.Hugh Jackman


Hollywood hunk Hugh Jackman is fond of dogs. So fond that he decided to spend most of his time with his lovely pooch, Dali at a New York Café when it was denied entry in the restaurant.

Dali is a French bulldog who is often seen hanging out with his dashing master, who treats it like a friend and even called it a ‘mascot of Oscar’s soccer team’ on his Twitter page.

3.Russell Crowe


The veteran actor has had an affinity towards animals. He acted with animals in films like The Silver Brumby, which was based on the Australian horse species, Brumbies.

He is now featuring in Aronofsky’s forthcoming film Noah, where he will be seen as the mythical Biblical animal-saver.

Off screen, Crowe’s love for animals, particularly dogs, is also well known. He had an everlasting attachment with his pet dogs Chasen and Lucy.

He also had a horse named Honey and over 500 cows in his farm in the rural suburbs of Sydney. Crowe is presently tending to her beloved Labrador retriever, Spinee, who underwent a risky surgery at the Wellington Veterinary Hospital.

4.Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman has an unusual choice when it comes to pets. She has petted neither a cat nor a dog; instead, she has raised an army of Alpacas in her Tennessee farm!

She also revealed her liking for snakes, and said that she would like to pet them in the near future.

5.Shane Watson


Did you know that besides his love for cricket, Watto is also an animal lover? He has two Schnauzer Maltese dogs, who he affectionately calls ‘Clappo’ and ‘Bobbi’.

6.Cate Blanchett


Hollywood beauty Cate Blanchett is another Australian celebrity who has joined the list of ‘Celebs with Pets’ in 2013.

She has two lovable animal friends – a Tonkinese kitten named Warwick and a dog named Snoopy. Off late, the award-winning actor has been getting many requests from her fans on raising their animals.

7.Yumi Stynes


TV actor Yumi Sytnes has an adorable pet rabbit who she calls Ralphie. While growing up the actor had a Pomeranian Jack Russell dog, but she has been obsessed with cute and cuddly rabbits.