15 Reasons to Love the Hemsworth Brothers

January 8, 2014

1. Good Things Come in 3’s


Most people are familiar with Chris Hemsworth for his role in the Marvel superhero franchise as the mighty warrior Thor, though he has also made an impression in the relatively recent Star Trek reboot and in his lead role as Formula One driver James Hunt in ‘Rush’ (made in 2013).

Meanwhile, his little brother Liam is also rising to global notoriety as part of the Hunger Games movie franchise that topped the box office in 2012 and 2013. He plays Gale Hawthorne, the leader character’s best friend (who harbors secret, unrequited feelings for her).

Many fans of the original novels feel that he was a perfect casting choice and speak very highly of his nuanced portrayal of Gale. However, it’s the oldest Hemsworth brother who is Australia’s best kept secret. Luke Hemsworth has played several roles on the hit soap ‘Neighbours’ and has several big projects in the works over the coming year.

If we are lucky, these gorgeous Aussie brothers may be poised to be the next Baldwins in the entertainment industry.ž All three men are enormously talented, and it won’t be surprising if all three rocket to superstardom within the next few years.

2. Humble Beginnings


Each member of the Hemsworth clan was born in Melbourne. Their mother was an English teacher and their father a social services counselor.

They moved between Melbourne and the Outback early on and eventually relocated to a small island called Phillips Island.

It was there that each of the boys learned to surf.

Chris has discussed the fact that his earliest memories are of spending time on the cattle stations in the Outback, though family stayed for a relatively brief period.

He recalls how different life around the crocodiles and buffalos is to spending time in big cities.

You can easily picture these lovely humble beginnings, with all three of the brothers riding the waves. During their childhood and adolescence, the boys were all active in theater at school. Luke broke into acting in early 2001 with his role as Nathan Tyson on Neighbours, and it wasn’t too long before Liam was chosen for a role on the show as well.

Chris got his start on the equally popular soap opera ‘Home and Away’ (where his gorgeous appearance attracted plenty of attention). He was in over 170 episodes of the series, for which he won Most Popular New Male Talent at the 2005 Logie Awards.

3. Sibling Rivalry


The fact that each of the brothers are extremely good looking, highly talented actors means they are bound to be considered for the same role from time to time. It’s not difficult to imagine that rivalry would result, especially since they have certain key features in common (that may make more then one of them highly suitable to play the same character).

However, it’s heartwarming to realize that these lovely brothers don’t let this potential rivlarly get the best of them. Indeed, they have actually been quoted assaying that they enjoy the competition and are genuinely happy for one another when one of them is lucky enough to land an excellent part in a movie or TV show.

They seem to share very close and friendly relationships, and it is clear that they provide mutual support as they continue to look for work. The Hemsworth brothers are a great example of putting family first in Hollywood, and other famous siblings would certainly do well to follow their example.

That being said, there is a certain appeal to the idea of these guys choosing to duke it out with a friendly wrestling match, or even the occasional surf-off.

4. They Love Australia


Like most Aussie actors that hit the big-time in Hollywood, the Hemsworth brothers still call Australia home. Although they may have homes around the world in places like Los Angeles and London, they visit their family back home as often as possible.

In a world in which people often forget where they came from, this attitude is admirable. Family is very important to all of the members of the Hemsworth family, and the three brothers speak very highly of the experiences that they had when growing up. As an extension of this commitment to family, the brothers also prize their Aussie roots.

This allegiance certainly makes sense, as it was Australian television that gave all three of the brothers their first roles on television. Further, Liam Hemsworth works as the ambassador of the Australian Childhood foundation, which promotes safety and care for children who need support in difficult situations. He has said that he is extremely grateful for his own stable, happy childhood, and that the work that his parents have done in aid of child protection has inspired him.

Liam also emphasizes that he would like to be a good role model for the Australian kids that he helps through the Foundation.

5. Hollywood Hunk Status


The Hemsworth brothers really do provide the full Hollywood package. In addition to being talented, funny, interesting and family-oriented, these three guys are also undeniably easy on the eyes.

With each brother’s work ranging from sexy television heartthrobs to a super-hero God, the Hemsworth clan has got the hunky, leading man role down pat. While they share certain features (such as piercing blue eyes and defined jaw lines), each has some distinctive traits that makes all three brothers stunning in their own right.

For example, Liam has slightly darker features when compared to Chris, and Luke has a squarer jaw. They are all blessed with natural good looks, but they also possess a friendly, approachable kind of appearance that makes them seem utterly charming as well as beautiful.

In addition, it’s clear that they work hard to maintain their strikingly healthy physiques. All three brothers look incredibly good when topless, and a commitment to maintaining fitness is definitely an attractive trait.

With their winning mix of talent and enduring good looks, there is little doubt that you can count on each of the Hemsworth brothers to stand the test of time in the acting world.

6. Liam Has a Great Sense of Humor

'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' premiere

Liam’s cheeky wit and ability to laugh at his own uncomfortable experiences really became apparent when he was a guest on the Jay Leno Show and got talking about his childhood. In particular, he revealed that his mom was his sex education teacher, which is a thought that would strike fear into the hearts of teenagers everywhere.

He confessed that although he found the experience tolerable at first (and even interesting given the topic of the class), it quickly turned into a nightmare when the Hemsworth matriarch began to share some of her own personal experiences in an attempt to illustrate the points she was making in the class.

After detailing his memories of the event, Liam laughed and noted that he thinks that the whole ordeal definitely taught him that no child should have to be caught sex education by their mum. However, it is worth noting that all three brothers appear to be witty and entertaining, with many of them giving great quotes in magazine articles or telling hilarious stories when interviewed on TV. It’s fair to imagine that it would be highly entertaining to be a fly on the wall when the brothers get together over a few drinks!

7. Chris Helped to Bring Real Emotional Depth to Star Trek

'Rush' press conference

As you probably know, Chris played George Samuel Kirk Sr. (the father of James T. Kirk) in the first of the rebooted Star Trek films. If you have been lucky enough to watch the movie, you’ll probably feel a lump in your throat if you remember the poignancy of the final scenes that feature this character.

George Samuel Kirk Sr. is seen piloting his ship into a collision course with an enemy ship after an attack, after ensuring that the crew is evacuated. In particular, there is a moving scene in which he makes sure that his pregnant wife survives at his cost of his own life (which of course leads to the birth of the film’s main character, Jim Kirk).

While Chris Hemsworth had relatively little screen time in the movie and you are given little time to grow fond of him before his tragic death, the emotion that is conveyed in the performance is more than enough to make you empathize for the character and feel a real sense of loss when he makes his noble sacrifice.

This role can be seen as giving us our first impressive taste of what Chris might be able to accomplish in a serious leading role.

8. Luke is a Humble and Loving Father

Inaugural Oceana Ball

The oldest Hemsworth brother has recently signed up for the same management team that Chris and Liam have chosen, but he had some doubts about acting earlier on in his life.

Specifically, while he had some success on Neighbours when he was 21, he had trouble getting roles after this period and found that he became disillusioned with the entire career as a result.

At this point, he decided that his priority was to support his family and ensure that he was doing something useful, he opened his own timber-flooring business.

Luke is a devoted father who has three children with his wife (Samantha), and he has been a source of advice for Chris after the birth of his own first child.

Luke told Entertainment Weekly that he even filmed a helpful ‘how to’ video for Chris, detailing how he could wrap his daughter in a way that prevents her from escaping from a blanket.

Although Luke has joked that he wants his brother to go through all the trials of parenting as a form of payback, it’s clear the he has a soft heart for kids and there is no doubt that he is a top class dad.

9. Chris and Liam Love to Goof Around in Front of the Cameras

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" - Los Angeles Premiere

Given the close relationship that obviously exists between the three brothers, it’s no surprise that Chris and Liam often like to put on a bit of a show for photographers.

For example, when the gorgeous pair showed up for the recent premiere of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ at the El Captain Theatre in Hollywood, Chris jokingly shoved Liam aside when Liam was being photographed on the red carpet. They laughed and acted up for the cameras, making their fun sibling relationship very clear.

Several reporters have also commented that Liam looked openly proud of each other at the premiere, once again highlighting the fact that there is no bitter rivalry or jealousy between the Hemsworth brothers when it comes to their successes. As a result, it seems like they would make pretty good role models for any young aspiring actors and actresses.

The dynamics that exist between Luke, Chris and Liam are a delight to behold, and their perfect good looks only make them even more fun to watch! Hopefully, as Luke continues to attract more attention, we’ll be treated to many more premieres and other red carpet events at which the three brothers can be seen together.

10. They are Insightful and Understanding When it Comes to Cultural Differences

New York Screening of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"

The unique childhood experiences that were shared by Luke, Chris and Liam Hemsworth when they were growing up in Australia has left them with an enduring understanding of the ways in which different cultures hold varying values and act in different ways.

In their Aboriginal community in Bulman, they were one of just two white families living in the area, and this was quite isolating at times. It is this type of isolation that has led all of the brothers to comment (at one time or another) that outside of the family, their primary companions were animals at this point in childhood.

However, the setting also provided ample opportunities to learn more about the Aboriginal situation. For example, Chris commented that having witnessed plenty of corroborees and tribal dances has enhanced his understanding of that culture, and feels that this is a rare and good type of insight that few others have been lucky enough to have.

It’s certainly a good thing that the Hemsworth brothers are happy to talk about their experiences and their childhood in such depth when interviewed, as this helps to spread wider understanding of Aboriginal culture and may help to combat stereotypes or thoughtless forms of discrimination.

11. Liam is Entertainingly Idiosyncratic

New York Screening of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"

Liam Hemsworth stands out among his Hollywood peers thanks to his goofy personality and his willingness to share unusual facts about his eccentricities. For example, Liam revealed to Conan O’Brien that he finds it hard to trust squirrels!

This fear first came up in conversation when Liam was a guest on Conan O’Brien’s show and the pair discussed different mammals and other animals that do not appear in Australia (and therefore seem more interesting). Liam explained that prior to working outside of Australia, his only real exposure to squirrels had been on TV and in Disney cartoons, and he was very interesting to encounter a real one in the US.

Interestingly enough, the first squirrel he saw was on the Disney lot itself. However, he wasn’t quite sure that his new furry friend could be trusted. Indeed, he commented that they look like they can’t be trusted, and suggested that they have a knowing look that suggests that they could be plotting something sinister.

It is refreshing to see idolized guys like the Hemsworth brothers openly joking about zany ideas and personality traits. This is just one reason why they are some of the most entertaining guests that you will see on a talk show.

12. The Hemsworth Brothers Look Out for Each Other

German Premiere Thor:The Dark Kingdom

If you’re lucky, your siblings form a vital part of your support network, giving advice and helping to make sure that you’re okay in times of stress or strife. Once again, the Hemsworth brothers appear to get top marks in this respect, as suggested by their behavior around the time when Liam was struggling with his tempestuous relationship with Miley Cyrus.

As you may be aware, Liam and Miley have broken up and gotten back together multiple times, and were engaged for at least a short period of time (though some speculate that there may be hope for a reconciliation in the future). US magazine reports that Liam’s most recent exit from the relationship was facilitated by the love of his brothers, Chris and Luke, who felt it was time to intervene when Liam’s dynamic with Miley appeared to be becoming increasingly unhealthy.

People close to the Hemsworth clan have commented that Luke and Chris strongly believed that Liam would benefit from getting together with someone who could offer a good deal more stability. We know a few people who wouldn’t mind applying for the position of sharing life with Liam Hemsworth! Form an orderly queue, ladies and gentlemen…

13. They Made Their Own Adventures in Childhood

Chris Hemsworth arrives at Narita International Airport

In an age in which most kids are increasingly glued to their smartphones or vegetating on the sofa while they watch TV, it’s pretty refreshing to think about the way the Hemsworth brothers behaved when they were growing up in Bulman in the Aussie Outback.

They have described how much fun they had playing imaginative adventure games and roleplaying in the outdoors. For example, Chris reminisced with the LA Times about his memories of building weapons with Liam and Luke, and talked about how they used to love going up into the mountains to play their various adventure games.

In addition, Chris and Luke have laughed about how they would dress Liam up in layers of thick sweaters and then chase him in order to try and get him with air rifles. Liam has complained that he used to get shot at random times, too, including when he was innocently trying to feed the family pets.

In retrospect, these memories of being targeted in the wild must give Liam a good laugh when he thinks about how his brothers unknowingly helped to provide him with a rehearsal for his future role in the Hunger Games movies!

14. Chris is a Model Husband

'Rush' World premiere

Who doesn’t want a devoted, gorgeous and family-oriented husband? Chris Hemsworth almost seems too good to be true in the way that he is so openly devoted to his wife, Elsa Pataky.

One particularly sweet example of the enduring love between this pair is the fact that Chris can be seen wearing a romantic tag around his neck. It says ‘in case of emergency’ and features his wife’s name and her phone number.

Men everywhere must be groaning and thinking that the Hemsworth brothers are setting a bar that is far too high for anyone else to meet! The tag says a lot about Chris, not least his willingness to openly advertise his lack of availability.

As a gorgeous young man who is hot properly in Hollywood, he is sure to receive plenty of attention everywhere he goes, but he is happy to wear a tag proclaiming the fact that he is in a happy relationship with someone and isn’t interested in straying.

Further, the idea that his wife would be the one to rescue him in an emergency is a touching idea, and the tag has just enough sentimental goofiness about it to stop it from being too sickening!

15. Fame Doesn’t Seem to Go to Their Heads


As mentioned above, Luke is very humble about the difficulties one can encounter in the acting world, and it also turns out that Chris and Liam haven’t let their fame expand their egos to a troubling degree.

In particular, it is nice to see that Chris doesn’t slag his roots on ‘Home and Away’ simply because he has moved on to bigger things. In fact, he maintains that acting on a soap is excellent preparation for acting in general, as soaps are often filmed in single takes and you don’t have the same level of editing or lighting at your disposal.

As a result, a long hinges on whether you can ‘sink or swim’ in the fast-paced environment that you’re faced with when you’re on set. Chris says that he learned a lot on Home and Away and will always be grateful.

He even jokes that it is a ‘miracle that he is still working’ due to some of the performances he offered on the show! 2014 is set to be an exciting time for all three Hemsworth brothers, with new projects on the horizon for each of them.

There is little doubt that their stunning looks and commendable versatility will continue to charm the world.