12 Intriguing Facts About Cate Blanchett You Probably Didn’t Know

March 4, 2014

You Probably Didn’t Know Cate Blanchett is one of the most acclaimed actresses in the world – and one of the busiest. But how well do you think you know her? Here are some little known Cate Blanchett facts:

1. Born to be a star


Blanchett was interested in drama from an early age. She was the school Drama Captain at Methodist Ladies College in Melbourne.

2. Commercial gal


She once starred in a series of commercials for Tim Tam chocolate biscuits, and has also promoted skin care products for Procter & Gamble.

3. One of a kind


She is one of only three women who have been nominated for an Oscar for playing a man in a movie (she portrayed a young Bob Dylan). The other two are Linda Hunt and Felicity Huffman.

4. Blanchett + Weaving = Success


She has worked with actor Hugo Weaving on six Lord of the Rings projects. They also worked together in the TV mini-series Bordertown (where she played an albino) and in the movie Little Fish (where she played a former heroin addict). Both Blanchett and Weaving attended the same drama school (NIDA).

5. Steven Spielberg loves her


Director Steven Spielberg is one of her biggest fans; he cast her as the villain in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Blanchett was three months pregnant when she completed filming of the movie.

6. Plays an Oscar winner – wins an Oscar


In the movie The Aviator, Blanchett played the role of Katherine Hepburn, earning an Academy Award for her performance. This made her the first actress to ever win the award by portraying a previous Oscar-winner.

7. She has it all!


In 2007, Blanchett’s earnings were estimated at $13 million by Forbes magazine. The same year, she was ranked as “one of the one hundred sexiest stars in film history” by Empire magazine.

Entertainment Weekly also listed her as “one of the fifty smartest people in Hollywood”. Smart, sexy and rich – not a bad combination!

8. Success on home ground


Before achieving international stardom, Blanchett appeared in a number of Australian productions in the early 1990s. She co-starred with Ernie Dingo in the TV mini-series Heartland, and also appeared in an episode of the television series Police Rescue. In 1994, she played the role of an incestuous sister in the TV series GP.

9. Philanthropist


Blanchett has endorsed a number of causes, including the Australian Conservation Foundation’s climate change awareness campaign, the introduction of a carbon tax in Australia, and SolarAid, a development charity.

10. She is on Australian post stamps


Along with Nicole Kidman, Geoffrey Rush and Russell Crowe, Blanchett features in a limited edition postage stamp series called Australian Legends of the Screen.

11. Still lives in Australia


Despite her Hollywood success, Blanchett has not opted to reside in the US. She lived in Brighton, England for several years before deciding to move back to Australia, both for her children’s education and to be closer to the Australian theatrical community.

She currently lives in Hunters Hill (Sydney). Her husband, Andrew Upton, is the Artistic Director for the Sydney Theatre Company.

12. Best performance?


Many movie critics consider Blanchett’s performance in Woody Allen’s 2013 movie Blue Jasmine to be the finest of her career so far.