10 Reasons Jessica Gomes Leaves Us Breathless

March 18, 2014

Stunning model Jessica Gomes is currently one of the hottest models in the fashion industry. Her exotic beauty and enviable curves have made her into an international star, and she has enjoyed huge success in the US and Asia. The following list looks at 10 reasons why Jessica Gomes takes our breath away.

1. Her Exotic Heritage

Jessica Gomes

Jessica was born in Australia to a Portuguese father and a Singaporean-Chinese mother. Growing up in Perth, Jessica claims that there were not many other girls of Asian descent living in her town. This led to her suffering racist taunts from the other children.

However, the beautiful model does not hold any anger towards her tormenters and instead credits her experience with giving her the courage to do something different with her life. Jessica has since gone on to enjoy a hugely successful career that has seen her travel the globe and become a role model for Asian models everywhere.

2. Her Sports Illustrated Spreads

Jessica has appeared in every issue of Sports Illustrated for the last seven years running. She is the only Asian model to accomplish such an impressive feat, and a quick look at her photos reveals why. Jessica’s 2014 spread was shot on the picturesque island of Madagascar.

The beauty is seen in a variety of skimpy swimwear reclining on a golden beach framed by crystal clear waters. In 2013, the magazine paid tribute to Jessica’s Chinese heritage and flew the model out to Guangxi Province in China for a set of jaw-dropping photos.

3. She Was a Maxim Cover Girl

Gracing the cover of Maxim is a defining moment in any model’s career as the magazine has featured some of the world’s most beautiful women including Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jessica has appeared on the cover of Maxim twice and is highly regarded by the magazine’s notoriously critical readers.

As well as posing in her standard uniform of a bikini and high heels, Jessica also slipped into a variety of ultra-sexy lingerie. During an interview with the men’s publication, Jessica revealed that her mother actually enrolled her in deportment school as a teenager due to her being “rough and tough.”

4. Her Sex Symbol Status

Jessica Gomes

Posing in little more than a few square inches of fabric will certainly earn you plenty of media attention, and Jessica has appeared in a number of ‘World’s Sexiest Women’ lists. Jessica landed at number 25 in the Top 25 Hottest Females of 2012 list compiled by Maxim. In the same year she scored 8th place in Maxim Australia’s Hot 100 but managed to climb two places and finished in 6th place in 2013.

AskMen compile a World’s Most Desirable Women poll every year which Jessica has appeared in for the last three years and even made it to 8th place in 2013.

5. She is a Living Work of Art

Jessica became a human canvas for artist Joanne Gairns who painted a swimsuit onto the model as part of the body painting series for Sports Illustrated. Ironically, the body paint actually covered more of Jessica’s figure than most of the bikinis that we are used to seeing her in.

Joanne painted a retro-style one-piece swimming costume onto Jessica’s body that featured a black pinstripe design. The strapless neckline was embellished with an intricate floral design that continued all the way around to the back. The stunning artwork took several hours to complete and could easily have been mistaken for an actual swimming costume.

6. She Knows How to Dance

Along with modelling, Jessica has also found time to train as a choreographer. The multi-talented beauty showed off her dancing skills by appearing on the Korean version of Dancing With The Stars. The beauty managed to land 3rd place and was given a translator throughout the show to enable her to communicate with the judges.

Jessica has enjoyed a huge amount of popularity in Asia and even starred in her very own TV show entitled I Am Jessica Gomes. The show followed a reality TV format, and the cameras accompanied Jessica as she went about her daily business of being an international model.

7. She Is a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Jessica Gomes

The Victoria’s Secret Angels are considered to be the elite of the modelling world.Appearing in lingerie for the retail giant is a sure sign that a model has made it into the big leagues. Jessica cemented her status as one of the most beautiful women in the world after she appeared in the iconic Victoria’s Secret catalogue.

Her appearance made headlines as she was rumored to have been the first choice to replace Miranda Kerr who had recently been dropped from the brand. Jessica had already stepped into Miranda’s shoes once before when she became the face of Australian retailer David Jones.

8. She Ignores The Haters

Although Jessica’s voluptuous figure is ideal for swimsuit modelling, fashion critics were quick to criticize the beauty for not possessing the ‘stick insect’ frame that is preferred on the catwalk. After hitting the runway as a new model for David Jones, Jessica overheard one onlooker remarking that “You’d think she would have gone to the gym before the show.”

Another guest who was obviously startled at the sight of a curve on the catwalk asked “Can you see her stretch marks?” Jessica retaliated by posting a smoking hot photo of herself to her Instagram page later that night that showcased her flawless figure.

9. She Appears on a Hip Hop Album

The mysterious voice that provided the ‘Maybach Music’ intro to pretty much every Rick Ross song was finally revealed as Jessica’s in January 2012. Jessica’s iconic tagline came about after she attended a recording studio with friends to watch Jay Z and Rick Ross record a song.

After complementing her accent, the music superstars asked her and a friend to record a few lines. What began as a joke eventually turned into one of the most recognizable taglines in rap music. Jessica has also spoken on Kid Cudi’s song entitled Speed of Light and received a name check from Kanye West in his song Christian Dior Denim Flow.

10. She is Safety Conscious

Most of us have had to sit through the tedious inflight safety video when travelling by plane. Air New Zealand came up with an innovative way to get their passengers’ attention by using bikini-clad swimsuit models to present the safety demonstration.

Jessica appeared alongside fellow Sports Illustrated models Hannah Davis, Ariel Meredith and Chrissy Teigen in the video that was no doubt a hit with every male traveler onboard. The models demonstrated what passengers should do in the event of an emergency landing whilst posing up a storm on the stunning beaches of the Cook Islands.