10 Must-Watch Australian Movies of 2013

January 10, 2014

Love a great movie? Here is a look back at some of the must-watch movies of 2013

1. Top of the Lake, 1 & 2


This is a television drama that is the newest in a series of mix breed productions that toe-the-line between TV and cinema.

The cinematography of this two part series is too breathtaking to be reduced to the confines of a TV screen and can only be fully appreciated in a cinema.

The series is by Jane Campion

2. The Great Gatsby


Yes, this movie was shot entirely in Sydney and that also under an Australian director’s supervision, giving the country every right to call it theirs.

The actors might have been from Hollywood, but the scenery was Australian.

This movie was a major box office hit this summer and reflected the author’s words perfectly

3. 100 Bloody Acres


Cameron and Collin Cairnes are two of the most brilliant things to happen to the horror and Sci-fi industry since Spielberg.

They are not afraid to experiment and test the boundaries, and they did just that with their latest comedic-horror flick, 100 Bloody Acres.

The film is rife with Australian humor, with the brothers ensuring that there is no doubt about where the film originated

4. The Darkside


Warwick Thornton last entertained us with his take on Samson and Delilah and now he has managed to spin brilliance once more with this box office hit.

The movie is a series of ghost stories that follow the lives of various people, narrated by actors that are impersonating these people.

The stories are all true and it is not the chilling content that gets you, but the mode of narration.

If you have not seen it yet, then be sure to add it to your watch list

5. The Turning


Tim Winton is the source behind the story that unfolds in this brilliant movie, with social realism as its central theme.

The movie is a three-part culmination of stories, each with its own director.

Most if the scenes have been set near water bodies or along a desert backdrop, adding to the viewing experience, especially on a large screen

6. The Rocket


Written and directed by Kim Mordaunt, this was probably one of the best films produced this year.

It was filmed in Laos and almost all the actors were locals from there.

This tells the story of a little boy that has to be relocated because of a Dam project that is being built in place of his home.

He finds strength and inspiration in a local rocket contest, using the contest to highlight the more serious issues in the world around him.

Centered in a small village, the scenery is breathtaking and the story is touching, leaving audiences with a very positive feeling

7. I am a Girl


This is a documentary that tells the stories of 6 teenage girls from very different backgrounds around the globe.

It is sad, uplifting and surprising, all at the same time, leaving the viewer sympathizing with each character individually

8. Mystery Road


This movie is by Ivan Sen, which is a combination between a mystery and a western.

Considering the fact that Sen was the writer, director, composer, cinematographer and editor, this movie is a brilliant attempt for a one-man show

9. The Network


This tells the story of a news network in Afghanistan, which was the first independent network in the country.

This is necessary to watch for anyone who is sick of watching war related movies about this country, shining a more positive light on the locality

10. Red Obsession


The story is very different from the norm and the movie is not shot in Australia, adding a foreign touch to it.

Warwick Ross and David Roach tell us the story of China’s elite and its alteration of the French Wine market.