10 Hottest Headlines From Our Favourite Australian Celebrities


Australia is chalk full of some of the best and hottest celebrities in the world. From the likes of Mel Gibson to Nicole Kidman and more there are so many amazing talents that hail from down under. But sometimes the only thing hotter than Australia’s celebrities are the headlines surrounding them.

Below are the 10 hottest headlines from some of our favourite Australian celebrities.

1. Rebecca Gibney

Rebecca Gibney is an Australian actress who has been well loved for many years and has appeared in many films and television shows.

She began her career with a performance in “I Live With My Dad” as the character Jill Harkness. Her career then blossomed to include films such as “Among the Cinders”, “Mr. Wrong”, “Jigsaw”, “Lost and Found”, and “Mental”.

Perhaps most notably, however, was her appearance in the show “Packed to the Rafters” for which she won a Gold Logie in 2010.

Sadly for fans of the show that series is coming to an end, leaving many fans mourning the loss of their beloved character and television family.

Rebecca Gibney commented on the series finale of her show, “Packed to the Rafters”, by saying that it was a good time for her to take a break. She also stated that she understood how much her character meant to the audience, and said: “Certainly the public have taken Julie Rafter into their hearts and I do feel incredibly fortunate that people responded so well to the character.

I mean, I think you could probably say that across the board with the entire family.” She also said that ending the show was an easy decision but that she developed close relationships with her fellow cast and crew members.

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