10 Celebs You Should Be Following on Instagram

January 9, 2014

1. Delta Goodrem


She is a recent addition to Instagram, however her posts are very interesting, ranging from selfies   from behind the scene of ‘The voice’ to her daily style choices.

2. Miranda Kerr


With a whopping 1,831,524 followers, this stylish diva should definitely be on your Instagram. Besides the usual selfies and family photos, she has a bunch of behind the scenes pictures with models and designers alike. You can also pick up some tips from her daily wardrobe choices.

3. Jennifer Hawkins


Jennifer has put up some amazing shots from her wedding, which means that you have the exclusive before anyone else. She also posts interesting media details on the hottest things to do in Sydney. If for no other reason, do it because she is a pleasure to look at, any time of the day.

4. Kylie Minogue


Another frequent and gracious Instagrammer, posting her professional shoots online, saving you the effort and money spent on buying the magazines. She is also a big fashion buff, making her page style central.

5. Lara Bingle


Lara is great because along with the usual selfies and glamour shots, she posts daily inspirational quotes, which are a real pick-me-up. It also helps to know that celebrities are human too and they experience the same problems that we do, only on a slightly different level.

6. Samara Weaving


Samara loves documenting her daily routine on Instagram, whether it is just her relaxing at the beach, dealing with work or meeting up with some friends. Fans will greatly enjoy this insight into her world. In addition, she takes the most attractive selfies, so there is that to look forward to.

7. Isabelle Cornish


It seems that Isabelle is a bit of a foodie. Her page is cluttered with pictures of amazing meals that she has been trying lately, leaving you with a ton of ideas for your next meal. She also posts the latest trends in fashion according to her tastes, so her fans will love getting styling tips directly from the source.

8. Jessica Hart


Jessica is a speed fiend and adventurer at heart. She loves to go on little trips and crazy adventures, so the shots on her page are very interesting to go through. Unlike the usual overdose of selfies, you will find fun ways to spend your next weekend, Jessica style. She also posts some great behind the scenes shots.

9. Ruby Rose


Something Instagram taught us that we never knew before is that Ruby has a great sense of humor. She posts hilarious videos, pictures and jokes on her page that will have you in fits for hours. Ruby also has a soft spot for animals, with her page cluttered with shots of cute pets from her home and otherwise.

10. Stephanie Rice


Stephanie loves to swim and anyone can figure that out from the plethora of pictures of her taking a dip in one location or another. She also puts up editorials and quotes that inspire her to make it through the day.