20 Australian Celebrity Hunks


2. Chris Hemsworth

Marvel’s Thunder God was perfectly cast in 2011 when the relatively unknown Chris Hemsworth first made the leap from Aussie soap operas to the big screen.

He resembles the marble statue you’d carve if you had to depict the perfect male body. Seriously, his arms are bigger than most people’s legs.

As a child, his family divided their time between Melbourne and cattle ranches in the Outback.

He worked for three years on the Australian TV soap opera Home and Away, a role which made him a household name in his homeland, though international success would come later.

He had a small but pivotal role in the 2009 Star Trek reboot as Captain Kirk’s father, giving him greater recognition in the States. Shortly after, he starred in the Joss Whedon-penned horror comedy The Cabin in the Woods, though the film would go unreleased for three more years.

It was upon Whedon’s urging that Hemsworth auditioned for the role of Thor in Marvel’s upcoming adaptation. The gamble paid off splendidly: the pair reunited for Whedon’s megahit The Avengers in 2012, and Marvel’s blue-eyed, golden-haired Viking god was born.

Hemsworth earned jealous admiration from co-star Chris Evans on the set of Avengers. No stranger to rigorous exercise, even Evans was stunned upon seeing Hemsworth’s enormous arms.

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