20 Australian Celebrity Hunks


What is about Australia and sexiness? Is it the abundant beaches? The constant, clothes-shedding heat? The Vegemite-based diet?

Stereotypes aside, Australia’s chief export seems to be hot guys lately. Here are the 8 hottest dudes from down under.

1. Hugh Jackman

Some men age like good scotch. Hugh Jackman’s edging towards fifty and he’s never looked better.

Somehow both scruffy and suave, Jackman’s earned his place as one of Hollywood’s best leading men. He’s not shy about taking his shirt off either.

The Les Miserables and Van Helsing star found early work in the theater as a lead in an acclaimed Australian production of Oklahoma!

He achieved his first major screen breakthrough when he was cast as Wolverine in the first X-Men film, granting him international superstardom and treating the world to copious shots of his lovingly sculpted abs.

He’s only become more distinguished as the years have rolled by, taking on roles in epics like Baz Luhrman’s Australia and more intimate performances in dramas like Prisoners and thrillers like The Prestige.

He won a Tony award in 2004, then hosted the awards later that year. His hosting work earned him an Emmy. He’s also received Oscar and Golden Globe nods for his work in the big screen adaptation of Les Miserables, a role for which he provided his own impassioned singing.

In case you think Jackman’s sexy is all for show, rumor has it he can bench 300 pounds. Must be all that Wolverine blood…

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